College Football Video Game “Gridiron Champions” To Launch In 2020

8 May, 2018

Imackulate Vision Gaming Announces Plans For Flagship Game

iMackulate Vision Gaming (iMackulate or “IMV”), is excited to announce that plans are underway towards “Gridiron Champions,” a college football video game which anticipates filling the void in today’s marketplace with an expected launch date of 2020 which gamers will be able to purchase and use via digital download through services like the PlayStation, Xbox and Steam on-line stores priced at $59.99.

Gridiron Champions will offer a unique experience to gamers by allowing them the opportunity to customize player uniforms, stadiums, fan atmosphere and recreate pageantry though this unique college football experience. “There is no college football game on the market that offers a creative experience like Gridiron Champions and we’re excited to be the first to hit the marketplace in 2020, “said Alex Lewis, CEO of IMV.

Over 1,300 gamers have purchased Gridiron Champions as pre-launch item since May 2017. While the game will soon be available to view through a featured demo/video, continued gamer pre-launch sales are offered through their website at

IMV has partnered with a top-tier investment core group to evolve the company structure and planning along with a top-down infrastructure including internal management, company growth plans including an IPO strategy and laying the groundwork for a combination of equity and debt, projected to exceed $10 million. As they plan for their roll-out, IMV Gaming is working on next steps such as discussions with game developers in the manufacturing partner selection process as well as the future games for 2021 which include a potentially licensed version of Gridiron Champions and potentially a college basketball experience.

After working for over two years towards the building the innovative and unique concepts of Gridiron Champions, IMV Gaming joins hands with professional athletes Oakland Raiders’ Vadal Alexander along with Brooklyn Nets’ Spencer Dinwiddie as early founding investors. Their excitement about the College Football gaming experience is growing like many since the longtime void in the marketplace hasn’t been filled.

IMV has robust plans for the future and with that in mind, they are actively seeking sponsorships to bring another level of authenticity to its gamers. “Our current sponsorships and partnerships include, but are not limited to Xenith, Phenom Elite, Signing Day Recruiting, and Gridiron Football Helmets,” says Rusty Sugg, Chief Operations Officer. “We pride ourselves in maintaining a direct connection with our target audience.” IMV features the hashtag #BringBackGreatness across all of their social platforms.


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