Issue #103: February 20, 2019
Get Ready for Rolling Greens, the First Cannabis-Friendly Golf Club in North America

Get Ready for Rolling Greens, the First Cannabis-Friendly Golf Club in North America

As marijuana moves from the sidelines to center field, the sports industry is climbing aboard the lucrative cannabis train. The latest development, however, still might be surprising. A group of investors is ready to debut the first cannabis-friendly golf club. Event planners, prepare to have your paradigm shifted. more

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Destination Spotlight

Welcome to America's Sports & Family Fun Capital®

A sports planner's wish list might include excellent venues, from green fields to fishing lakes to state-of-the-art indoor facilities. Then, of course, everyone likes plenty of sleeping rooms and some family-friendly attractions. Is it too much to ask? Not at Lake Erie Shores & Islands in northern Ohio, America's Sports and Family Fun Capital®. more

Welcome to America
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Featured Destination
Lehigh Valley, PA, Offers Top Athletic and Entertainment Options

Lehigh Valley, PA, Offers Top Athletic and Entertainment Options

From wide-open fields to state-of-the-art indoor facilities, Lehigh Valley is the perfect destination for your next event. Located just 60 minutes north of Philadelphia, 90 minutes west of New York City and a short road trip from Baltimore and Washington, D.C., it's the perfect go-to for sports. more

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In other news and commentary...
IOC Who? Booming at the Collegiate Level, eSports Isn't Waiting for Anyone's Approval

IOC who? Despite that venerable group's dismissive attitude, eSports is growing not just in popularity but as a business phenom. The latest proof: the National Association of Collegiate eSports says its national convention program will include not just coaching and athlete health but recruitment, transfer rules and more. more

Promoting Sports Events by Hosting World Record Attempt Tie-Ins

Reaction to the announcement of a Chuck Norris 5K in College Station, Texas, (with a possible world record for most people dressed as Chuck Norris) might have been just a head shake. But tying world record attempts to sports events is a growing trend and a great marketing opportunity. more

Fishing as an Olympic Sport? Still Waiting for the IOC to Bite

The rumblings from cricket enthusiasts hoping for Olympic inclusion brings up the idea of another age-old sport whose fans want it in the Games: fishing. Back in late 2016, there was talk of an application. Did the IOC take the bait? Here's a recap. more

Nationals Park Bans Backpacks, Citing Increased Security Concerns

Planning to head to the ballpark this spring? If you're in D.C., you'll be expected to leave your backpack at home. Nationals Park has become the latest MLB venue to create a (much) more restrictive bag policy in the face of heightened security. Expect other parks to follow. more

With Only Weeks Until a Vote, Chess Makes Its Move for Olympic Inclusion

With only weeks until the organizers of Paris 2024 make their recommendations for included sports, it seems like everyone's jumping into the pool (or the Seine). The latest is the centuries-old game of chess. Its international federation is promoting a speeded-up format, a French connection and a young following. more

Debate over Netting at MLB Parks Expected Following News of Death Related to Foul Ball Injury

Confirmation that the death of a fan in Dodger Stadium resulted from a head injury from a foul ball that cleared the protective netting surrounding the stands has reawakened the debate over fan safety and ballpark responsibility. With opening day only weeks away, it's bound to be a huge concern. more

Inside Events
Inside Events: The American Crossword Puzzle Tournament

Inside Events: The American Crossword Puzzle Tournament

The American Crossword Puzzle Tournament, the oldest and largest of its kind, has been held annually for more than 40 years. Event founder and director Will Shortz, crossword puzzle editor of the New York Times, shares some insights on the event and its search for a larger venue. more

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Instagram Photo of the Week

Thanks to High Five Events for this one! The 25th annual 3M Half Marathon presented by Under Armour on January 20 had a record high 7,500 runners to benefit Austin Youth River Watch | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

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January/February 2019

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