February 06, 2019 | Sports Destination Management
Issue #102: February 06, 2019

Immigrant Students Score Victory, Can Play on High School Teams

In a decision absolutely guaranteed to stir debate in the current political climate, immigrant students in Louisiana who lack governmentally-issued Social Security numbers will be allowed to play high school sports. Expect other states to follow and expect fallout to reach the travel sports level as well.

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Destination Spotlight

Perry, Oklahoma: A Baseball Oasis on the Central Plains

Sports are an important part of the fabric of communities and Perry, Oklahoma, fits tournaments into that fabric seamlessly and perfectly. With excellent baseball venues, plentiful opportunities for outdoor recreation and a historic downtown filled with possibilities for after-hours exploration, Perry should be at the top of any event owner's list.

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Featured Destination

Sports Tourism is on Fire in Maryland!

Maryland is the heart of sports and the place to play. With venues for lacrosse, basketball, soccer, beach volleyball, triathlons, martial arts, quidditch, cricket and more, we have opportunities for everyone not only to host their next event in Maryland, but to take it to the next level.

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In other news and commentary...
Report: Charter Planes Used More by Men's Teams Than Women's

The great divide between men's and women's teams at the collegiate level is an often-referenced (and much argued) issue. A recent report highlighted disparity in Iowa, noting that charter planes were used almost exclusively for men's sports. Will the argument hold up in light of a new independent report?

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eSports Poised for Major Expansion in 2019

How big will eSports become in 2019? REALLY big, according to a recent report. According to that data, the North American market for eSports will expand by 35 percent, driven by advertising, broadcast licensing and franchise sales. The market is burgeoning and events are growing as well.

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Measles Outbreak Stands to Affect Youth Sports

A satire site recently noted, "CDC Releases List of Vaccine Side Effects, Including Old Age, Grey Hair." Unfortunately, the problem of unvaccinated children is having a not-so-funny effect in the Pacific Northwest, where two states have declared medical emergencies over a measles outbreak. Some exposures came in sports settings.

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Coast-to-Coast Trail Could Give Event Owners a Way to Challenge Endurance Athletes, Bucket Listers

It might be premature to tell the Appalachian Trail or the Pacific Crest Trail to step aside but a coast-to-coast, traffic-free trail could be a game-changer for event owners seeking to capitalize on the bucket list appeal of a long-distance challenge for cyclists, walkers and more.

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NCAA Adopts Final Four Family Travel Proposal

A pilot program that began in January 2015 to help cover travel expenses for families of players on teams in the NCAA Division I Men's and Women's Basketball Final Fours has now become official policy. Families are eligible for payments up to $3,000 in travel, hotel and meal expenses.

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The Dirty Work of Plogging Can Help Race Directors Clean Up

There's running. There's walking. And now, there's plogging. And this new trend - picking up litter and recyclables while out running - is catching on in a big way. In fact, it could be your next Earth Day event. Need proof? Check social media for the #plogging hashtag. Then get busy.

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Inside Events

C.R.A.S.H.-B Sprints: The World Indoor Rowing Championship

Look up "home-grown event" in Webster's and you'll find a definition, but the C.R.A.S.H.-B. World Indoor Rowing Championship could be an illustration. This event, which started as a fun way for rowers to pass the time training indoors in winter, has morphed into an international competition attracting elite talent.

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Thank you, Rockford! Details of the fourth annual Rock River Anything That Floats Race were announced. The race will be Sunday, August 18, 2019, and will benefit multiple charities. | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

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