December 12, 2018 | Sports Destination Management
Issue #99: December 12, 2018

Lacrosse Takes a Big Step toward the Olympics

Good news out of the IOC: three sports have provisional Olympic recognition. Even better news, at least for the U.S. where the sport is wildly popular: one of them is lacrosse. Obviously, event owners for all three sports (the other two are kickboxing and sambo) stand to benefit. more

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Destination Spotlight

We Invite You To Play In Plano

Right smack in the middle of the great American Southwest is Plano, Texas, with 75 square miles of sport fields and facilities maintained by skilled park professionals who work seamlessly with Visit Plano, the city's award-winning hospitality bureau. Plano is ranked among the top five in The Sporting News "Best Sport Towns" and has been named a "Top Soccer City" by But it's not just soccer. Plano's game face is on for all kinds of tournaments and events. Space is available for baseball, softball, lacrosse, cricket, hockey, basketball, tennis and golf. Plus, Plano provides a major league sports support infrastructure to conduct the best competitions possible, amateur and non-traditional alike. Get ready to play in Plano. more

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Sports Tourism is on Fire in Maryland!

Maryland is the heart of sports and the place to play. With venues for lacrosse, basketball, soccer, beach volleyball, triathlons, martial arts, quidditch, cricket and more, we have opportunities for everyone not only to host their next event in Maryland, but to take it to the next level. more

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In other news and commentary...
Should a Polio-Like Virus Concern Youth Sports Event Owners?

The words and phrases being tossed around are dire: Serious childhood illness. Paralysis. Unknown origin. And this combination: spiking in occurrence, with no known cure. Federal health officials are investigating the rare and mysterious condition of AFM. What can sports event planners do to help allay parents' fears? more

When Cheaters Enter Marathons, Internet Sleuths Are Right on their Heels

Officials with China's Shenzhen Half Marathon punished 258 runners who were caught cheating during the Nov. 25 race. Violators included 18 participants with fake bib numbers, three who competed as different registered runners and 237 who cut the course. Who catches cheaters? Armchair sleuths who make it their business. more

Flag Football Participation is Booming

Participation numbers may be down in high school football, but that doesn't mean the sport is on its deathbed. The number of 6- to 12-year-olds playing flag football jumped by nearly 40 percent over the past three years. That is almost 100,000 more players than are on tackle teams. more

Marriott Hack: Steps Planners Can Take (and Pass on to Athletes and Families) to Address Problems

Unless you've been living in a missile silo, you've heard the news of a long-running (though just discovered) Marriott data breach that compromised the personal and financial information of up to 500 million guests. The question, however, is what sports planners should do. Here are steps to take. more

Instructing Outdoor Sports Enthusiasts in the School of Rocks

Stacking stones? Creating totems? Try: spreading graffiti. National parks are reporting an uptick of vandalism - and the odd part is, most visitors don't realize they're doing anything wrong. But planners of outdoor sports events, including trail runs, hiking and kayaking, are in a position to do something about it. more

Women's Running Events: Concentrating on the Experience Can Maximize Returns

Know where the running boom is burgeoning? In women's events. The girls' getaway weekend is an excellent niche market. A new survey sheds some light on why women run, what they want out of a race - and what they'll spend. Even more importantly, its findings can apply to other sports. more

Inside Events

Inside Events: New York Road Runners

It's one of the top running organizations in the U.S. when it comes to hosting events with international talent, but the New York Road Runners never lose touch with weekend warriors. NYRR offers free fitness programs and youth events, encourages volunteerism - and hosts the TCS New York City Marathon. more

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Thanks to VISIT Milwaukee for this shot!  Thousands of Saint Nicks participated in the Santa Hustle, beginning and ending at Veterans Park, with cookie and candy stops along the way. | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

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