August 22, 2018 | Sports Destination Management
Issue #91: August 22, 2018

EpiPen Shortage a Risk to Youth Sports

It’s a critical item in any sports trainer’s First Aid box and now that it’s in short supply, youth athletes’ lives could be endangered. The shortage of EpiPens that deliver lifesaving epinephrine during emergency treatment of serious allergic reactions is so worrisome that parents will even use expired products. more

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Destination Spotlight

Winning With a ‘Very Valdosta’ Sports Culture

Valdosta, Georgia, is a city that has reinvented itself and these days, as a haven for sports teams, it’s making sure all venues are up to par. Among sports facilities receiving added investment and attention are baseball/softball diamonds, multi-purpose fields and tennis courts. In addition, the area's conference center, which in the past hasn’t been used for athletic events, will now be looking to host appropriate indoor sports and activities. The year 2019 will bring 23 championship tournament diamonds -- the better to keep on welcoming the national and regional youth, adult and senior tournaments Valdosta has already seen. One of the most valuable amenities of all is a friendly hometown that embraces all those visiting teams. Meet Valdosta. more

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Featured Destination

Odessa, Texas: The Home of Friday Night Lights Welcomes New Addition to the Football Family

The Permian Basin, an oil-rich area, brings thousands to work in the field. But the community and its passion for sports convinces them to stay. Get to know the home of Friday Night Lights – and so much more. more

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In other news and commentary...
Parents Hiring eSports Coaches to Take Kids to the Next Level

Well, here’s a new trend for you. Following a sold-out Barclays Center crowd in Brooklyn, New York, for the Overwatch League Grand Finals is news that some parents are hiring personal coaches for their kids in eSports. College scholarships and pro careers are the goal. more

Measles Outbreak Threatens Youth Travel Sports

If parents haven’t put a measles vaccine on their back-to-school shopping list, organizers of fall sports need to know about it. A measles outbreak in (at last count) 21 states has officials concerned – particularly since there seem to be more patients than last time. more

Research: Women More Likely to Suffer Brain Injury from Soccer Heading than Men

And the hits just keep on coming. Earlier this month, the Albert Einstein College of Medicine (a research institute in the Bronx) released some bombshell news: women who head a soccer ball can sustain five times more damage than men. And event owners should be ready for the bounce-back. more

By the Numbers: The Little League World Series

Strike three, ball four – there are more numbers in baseball than meet the eye. Here are some great stats from the Little League World Series, which goes up to bat in less than a week. (Did you know 25 MLB players were once in the LLWS? Now you do.) more

Lawsuit Over Contaminated Water Has Ripple Effect on Event Owners, Venue Operators

Lawsuits alleging negligence of sports venue operators are hardly news – although they’re certainly hotly contested when they arise. One such suit, however, has managers taking notice, particularly since the circumstances are gruesome. It involves a death caused by the ‘brain-eating amoeba,’ a park lake and a big ripple effect. more

Florida’s Red Tide Threatening Water Sports Events, Killing Tourism

The tide is turning in parts of Florida and that's not a good thing for planners of water-based sports events. The state is dealing with a toxic algae problem variously called "red tide" and "green slime." It's leaving dead sea life in its wake – and it’s killing tourism. more

Inside Events

Inside Events: North American Sand Soccer Championships

The North American Sand Soccer Championships in Virginia Beach, a pioneering event, has grown exponentially over 25 years. What started as a 26-team fundraiser is now an event with 900 soccer teams alone, plus another 300 in related sports. Plus, this event works to help get other tournaments started. more

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America’s Brian Grubb, 38, engages in the extreme sport of wake skating at the famous Wadi El Hidan black basaltic canyon in Jordan in May 2018. Image by Daniel Deak Bardos/Red Bull | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

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