August 21, 2019 | Sports Destination Management
Issue #116: August 21, 2019
Will Most Kids Really Stop Playing Sports by Age 11?

Will Most Kids Really Stop Playing Sports by Age 11?

A new survey shows most kids stop playing sports by age 11 - because it just isn't fun any longer. But that doesn't stop parents from spending money in an effort to make it fun, with camps, travel and vacations bookended around tournaments. And (no surprise) travel is the costliest factor. more

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Destination Spotlight

Peoria, Illinois - Will It Play in Peoria? Yes!

Will it play in Peoria? The answer is a big YES. Peoria, together with its sister city across the Illinois River, East Peoria, has not only great sports venues, but a level of hospitality and service loved by athletes, event owners and organizers, as well as families. Here's the inside track on this rising sports destination with small-town charm. more

Peoria, Illinois - Will It Play in Peoria? Yes!
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Featured Destination
Welcome to America

Welcome to America's Sports & Family Fun Capital®

A sports planner's wish list might include excellent venues, from green fields to fishing lakes to state-of-the-art indoor facilities. Then, of course, everyone likes plenty of sleeping rooms and some family-friendly attractions. Is it too much to ask? Not at Lake Erie Shores & Islands in northern Ohio, America's Sports and Family Fun Capital®. more

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In other news and commentary...
Even One Year Out, 'Field of Dreams' Game is Big Business

It's still a year away but the first-ever Major League game to be played at the iconic "field of dreams" in Iowa corn country is already an economic home run. An 8,000-seat park will be built on the site of the famous set - and tickets are already at a premium. Learn how a small town (population 4,220) is responding to the demand. more

Sports Participation Increasing Among Individuals with Disabilities

A new study shows what disability advocates have been hoping for all along - that more than half of individuals with physical or developmental challenges have increased their participation in sports over the past five years. The question now is whether event organizers are keeping up with a demand for adapted sports. more

Thinking of Bidding on an NCAA Championship? Time to Get Off the Bench

Those cities whose sports commissions and CVBs have been considering bidding on NCAA championship events need to get off the bench. The bid specifications will go live on Monday, August 26, at the same time the bid portal opens. Details on these opportunities can be found here, along with supporting information and a contact in case of questions. more

College Triathlon Close to Becoming an NCAA Championship Sport

When USA Triathlon recently announced that Central College in Pella, Iowa, is the 31st school in the nation to add women's triathlon as a varsity sport, it was more than a press release. It was a notice that the NGB was more than three-fourths of the way to its goal to 40 schools - the baseline to be considered a championship sport. Here's a recap. more

Despite Travel Ban to Anti-LGBTQ States, Teams are Still Going There

A California law banning taxpayer-financed travel to 10 states that discriminate against LGBTQ people hasn't stopped college sports teams from competing in those states. In fact, it has made them more creative in their ability to develop workarounds. Here are some examples of inventive rule-bending, all in the name of sports travel. more

Can New Sub-Two-Hour Marathon Attempt Revive Interest in Distance Running?

The sub-two-hour marathon - an attempt that came thisclose to succeeding two years ago, is back for another try this October. Can world marathon record-holder, Kenya's Eliud Kipchoge (2:01:39), make it happen - and reignite interest in distance running as many cities host their own hometown marathons? more

Inside Events
Inside Events: National Club Basketball Association

Inside Events: National Club Basketball Association

The National Club Basketball Association has been serving up men's college basketball (without controversy) for eight years now and is on the verge of expanding still further, into women's hoops. Learn about the organization that promotes sports travel, gives student athletes a chance to wear their school colors and encourages them to manage a program. more

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Instagram Photo of the Week

Thanks to @GoRockford for this one! At the recent D2 Show Ski Nationals event in Tomahawk, Wisconsin, the Loves Park Ski Broncs took second with their Wizard Of Oz-themed performance | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

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July/August 2019

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