August 07, 2019 | Sports Destination Management
Issue #115: August 07, 2019
Travel Ball at Fault for Little League's Decline?

Travel Ball at Fault for Little League's Decline?

Worldwide participation in Little League has been dropping steadily for at least 25 years, and many are casting travel ball as the villain of the piece. And with more parents (perhaps wrongly) seeking ways to increase children's potential for college scholarships or even pro careers, Little League is finding itself increasingly on the sidelines. more

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Destination Spotlight

Welcome to 'The Sports and Entertainment Capital of Texas'

Few cities in the United States are experiencing a sports development and tourism boom like the one happening in the Dallas/Fort Worth area destination of Arlington, Texas. The city is the home of traditional sports like football and baseball but also has an eye to the future, hosting quidditch and esports. Explore this always-evolving destination. more

Welcome to
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Featured Destination

Hawai'i Convention Center Offers Pacific Paradise for Sports

Just as appealing as the Hawai'i Convention Center's location in a tropical paradise is the fact that events do not have to bring flooring or apparatus. Learn about this venue and what it can offer. more

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In other news and commentary...
Data Breaches Are Big News and Bigger Trouble. Here's How to Prepare

Last week brought the unsettling news of the latest data breach, this one involving some 100 million Capital One credit cards. This week, an online sports shoe marketplace reported it had been hit. As an event owner, the idea of someone stealing your youth athletes' personal data is a nightmare. Here are the steps in how to prepare - and how to react. more

The Rise of AI in Youth Sports Industry

Who's one of the most valuable players in youth sports? Artificial intelligence. AI is infiltrating the industry quickly with connected coverage of sports venues enabling coaches and event owners to help grow sports and provide visibility to athletes. Find out who's using it and how, where it's working - and how it's marketed (to great effect). more

Synthetic Sports Fields Not a Significant Danger, Says EPA Report

Those who want to blame synthetic fields for the evils of the world are going to be disappointed, according to the EPA. Late last week, the agency released a study regarding the recycled crumb rubber used - and in all 300 pages, it found no significant exposure to harmful chemicals. In fact, natural grass has just as many of those same chemicals. more

With New Injury Study, the Issue of Women's Lacrosse Helmets Rears its Head

While everyone agrees helmets prevent injury, the chance of them becoming a requirement in girls' and women's lacrosse remains remote. Can a new study help the pro-helmet cause, or will purists still say that only men play the game aggressively enough to warrant headgear? Once again, the debate is rearing its head - just as a new school year begins. more

In Fortnite World Cup, Esports Puts Money Where its Mouse Is

Esports is a force to be reckoned with. At the end of July, the fledgling sport put its money where its mouth (mouse?) was and proved doubters wrong. From the newly minted 16-year-old champion who's now a millionaire to the $50,000 taken home by every qualifier, here are some numbers from the Fortnite World Cup, held at the US Open grounds in NYC. more

Gang Violence Cited in Pool and Park Closings

It's a sad state of affairs: sports facilities where people go to have kids escape from danger are still prone to them. Gang violence and shootings have caused a Philadelphia pool to have to change its hours to keep users safe. Unfortunately, it's not the first time for this phenomenon. How are venue owners responding to territorial crime threats? more

Inside Events
Inside Events: Babe Ruth League, Inc.

Inside Events: Babe Ruth League, Inc.

Holding firm to the ideal that youth sports should emphasize participation and enjoyment over everything else, the Babe Ruth League has offered quality baseball and softball programming for nearly 70 years. The organization, which hosts is own world series each year, also offers a unified program known as Bambino Buddy for players with disabilities. more

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Instagram Photo of the Week

The Blue Knights (Denver, Colorado) were among the 45 drum corps on the field when Drum Corps International came to Birmingham, Alabama's Hewitt Trussville Football Stadium on July 26 | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

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"It's kinda like watching your mother-in-law go off a cliff in your brand-new Cadillac. You got mixed feelings."

~ Former Montana Tech football coach Bob Green, discussing a close loss

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