Issue #107: April 17, 2019
Game, Set, DeathMatch: Fortnite Finals Coming to U.S. Open Grounds

Game, Set, DeathMatch: Fortnite Finals Coming to U.S. Open Grounds

Well, Billie Jean King was always about breaking barriers and apparently, the tennis center that bears her name will do just that. The Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in New York will be the setting of the Fortnite World Cup Finals - with a $30 million prize pool - this July. more

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Destination Spotlight

Winning With a 'Very Valdosta' Sports Culture

Valdosta, Georgia, is a city that has reinvented itself and these days, as a sought-after haven for individual athletes and sports teams alike, its venues have set the bar for tournament experiences at all levels. But one of the most valuable amenities of all is a friendly hometown that embraces all those visitors each season - and Valdosta delivers. more

Winning With a
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Featured Destination
Victory Means a Little More Here: Fayetteville, North Carolina

Victory Means a Little More Here: Fayetteville, North Carolina

Located in the heart of North Carolina, Fayetteville has a historic charm packed with culture, excitement and top-notch sports facilities. Our timeline is dotted with moments like Babe Ruth's first professional home run, Jim Thorpe's stint as a baseball player and PGA great Raymond Floyd's ascent and we want to record your great moments too. more

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In other news and commentary...
Jaws Night at the Pool is What Water Sports Have Been Waiting for

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water. (That's a reference for those in and prior to the Baby Boomer Generation; Google it, you young'uns.) A Texas town is capitalizing on its local lake - with on-the-water showings of Jaws. Swimming event owners, take notes. more

AAF is Gone But Why Do Investors Keep Falling for Spring Football?

Another one bites the dust. The Alliance of American Football, previously set for a late April championship, has been, according to league officials, "suspended." (Translation: it suffered the same fate as other spring football leagues.) Which, of course, begs the question: why does this business model persist? more

House of Cards: Why So Many Event Directors are Turning to Poker

If you thought you were seeing more card decks for sale (everywhere!) and more poker tournaments offered, you're right on the money. Poker is growing in popularity across all age groups in the U.S. and tournaments and fundraisers create excellent economic impact for cities hosting them. more

FIFA's Economic Savior is...Esports?

FIFA, staggering away from the wreckage of its scandal, notes that while many revenue streams are flat, income on the esports front is increasing exponentially. And media rights to those game finals are another welcome boon. Esports, it seems, has emerged as the unlikely hero of this bizarre tale. more

What are the Odds for the NCAA Women's Basketball Happening and Staying in Vegas?

If the NCAA Women's Sweet 16 and Elite Eight games happen in Vegas, will they stay in Vegas? Odds are they will. And some college coaches think it may be the answer to maintaining strong attendance and economic impact, something the tournament has been striving for. more

Two Pole Dance Groups Wrestling Over Control: Can the Sport Progress?

Pole sports (that would be pole dancing, not pole vaulting) continues to work toward acceptance in the sports world and its efforts are beginning to pay off. But the emerging sport also seems to be experiencing what has become a rite of passage: multiple governing bodies wrestling for position. more

Inside Events
Inside Events: National Club Baseball Association

Inside Events: National Club Baseball Association

Baseball is back and exploding in popularity. Baseball at the collegiate club level is also booming, according to the National Club Baseball Association. Meet the organization that has programs in more than 300 schools nationwide (with more added each year), and whose players epitomize the love of the game. more

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Instagram Photo of the Week

The 2019 College STUNT National Championships will be held May 3-5 at the University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK. The bar was set by last year's champs, the Davenport University Panthers | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

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"You have to believe in yourself when no one else does - that makes you a winner right there."

~ Venus Williams

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