Issue #106: April 03, 2019
Fortnight Fundraisers? New Strategies for Boosting the Bottom Line

Fortnight Fundraisers? New Strategies for Boosting the Bottom Line

Fortnite fundraisers and wine and paint nights, as well as GoFundMe campaigns, are among the measures being taken by sports teams and organizations in the face of ballooning costs. Everyone, apparently, is thinking outside the carwash and detouring away from pizza kit sales. more

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Destination Spotlight

Southeastern Washington State's Dry Region Provides Year-Round Athletic Opportunities

When thinking of the Pacific Northwest, a dry desert region may not be top-of-mind, so the Tri-Cities' 300 annual days of sunshine will come as a big surprise. Another surprise will be the wide variety of venues. Yet another will be the array of sports that can be hosted. Welcome to the Tri-Cities area in the Southeastern part of Washington State. more

Southeastern Washington State
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Featured Destination
Sports Tourism is on Fire in Maryland!

Sports Tourism is on Fire in Maryland!

Maryland is the heart of sports and the place to play. With venues for lacrosse, basketball, soccer, beach volleyball, triathlons, martial arts, quidditch, cricket and more, we have opportunities for everyone not only to host their next event in Maryland, but to take it to the next level. more

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In other news and commentary...
Will Bans Against Unvaccinated Kids Have an Impact on Sports?

Seeing an unprecedented rise in cases of measles among an unprecedented number of unvaccinated children, a New York suburb, accordingly, has taken an unprecedented step: banning children who have not yet been vaccinated from public places for the duration of the outbreak. What could happen to youth sports? more

How Event Owners Can Combat Scammers

Between stolen frequent flyer miles and identity theft happening on airport hotspots, youth sports event owners might think they have the risks all figured out. Unfortunately, scammers keep a step ahead, preying on local businesses and pretending to solicit sponsorship funds. Get ready to play defense. more

Drone Racing Poised for Major Expansion with Network TV and Livestreaming Deals

Don't touch that dial. Drone racing, having conquered the university scene (there is a full-fledged Collegiate Drone Racing Association), has also landed coverage deals with network TV as well as with social media to livestream the action. No kidding. Will it help other drone events in the marketplace to grow? more

Study: Larger Buffer Zone Needed to Make Basketball Safer

As March Madness heads into the homestretch, a trio of researchers is recommending a wider buffer zone around basketball courts - a move that, if implemented, could have major repercussions for operators of any facility that includes a basketball court. Here's an in-depth analysis of the recommendations. more

The Concussion Report: Cannabis as a Remedy, Rugby Head Injuries and Potential New Laws

Well, here's something new for our concussion roundup. The NHL seems to be embracing the use of cannabis as a way to treat post-concussion neurological diseases in former NHL players. In fact, there's a clinical research partnership to investigate the effectiveness of cannabinoids in retired players. more

By the Numbers: The Final Four

The Cinderellas have long since left the dance and we're down to the Final Four. As those teams come screaming into Minneapolis to duke it out (see what we did there?) at U.S. Bank Stadium, it's worth reviewing some of the numbers just pertaining to Final Fours. more

Inside Events
Inside Events: The National Association of College Esports

Inside Events: The National Association of College Esports

Esports' permeation of the sports landscape is evident everywhere you look. The meteoric rise in popularity of games like Fortnite and League of Legends has given rise to collegiate varsity teams and necessitated the creation of an organization to govern them. Meet the National Association of Collegiate Esports. more

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Instagram Photo of the Week

USA Triathlon's College Club & High School National Championships come to Tempe, AZ, April 5-6. In 2018, Hannah Koski led Cal Berkeley to the women's team title. Photo-Jonathan Norris | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

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Instagram Photo of the Week
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March/April 2019

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"It's not how big you are, it's how big you play."

~ John Wooden, UCLA Basketball Coach

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