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SFIA Announces 2018 Sports, Fitness and Leisure Activities Topline Participation Report

2 Apr, 2018

Every year, the SFIA releases the participation topline summary that features data from the largest single source sports, fitness and leisure activity participation study in the country. We track participation in 120 sports, recreation & fitness activities. This is the industry's essential reference document for sports participation.

What's Inside:

  • Overall Participation Rate in the U.S.: Activity Level Trends (2012-2017), Participation Trends (2012-2017) and Participation by Generation

  • Analysis of Overall Inactivity Levels in the U.S by Age and Income (Showing Trends from 2012-2017)

  • Aspirational Participants and PE Participation Covering: Non-Participation Interest and the PE Pathway

Sports Participation Data, Categorized by Sport and Defined by "Total," "Casual" & "Core" Participation

The report is free of charge to all SFIA members, and is available for purchase by other interested parties.

For more information about SFIA Research, or if you need your SFIA login information, please email Manager of Business Development & Member Services, Alex Kerman, at or call 301.495.6321 x1004. 

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