July 12, 2017 | Sports Destination Management
Issue #63: July 12, 2017

California's Travel Ban Could Wreak Havoc on College Sports

While the business of tourism is picking its way carefully through the newest version of the travel ban, something more immediate and close to home is threatening sports travel in a number of states. This has ramifications that can, and will, affect college sports if the problems aren't ironed out soon.

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Destination Spotlight

A Big 10 College City with a Small-Town Vibe

When people think of Ann Arbor, Michigan, the first thing that probably comes to mind is Michigan Stadium, "The Big House" on the University of Michigan campus. The 107,601-seat stadium, the largest in the U.S., is home to the Wolverines football team and also has hosted such marquee events as the 2014 NHL Winter Classic and International Champions Cup soccer games in 2014 and 2016. But Michigan Stadium is only one of several world-class sports venues in this thriving Big Ten city with a small-town feel. Its thriving and engaging downtown boasts some of the best dining experiences in the Midwest, as well as theatrical performances, outdoor markets, expansive parks, a variety of live music and night life, and extensive boutique shopping.

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Featured Destination

Watertown, South Dakota: Amazing Sports Facilities, Genuine Hospitality

Watertown, South Dakota, stands tall next to any small or medium sports destination. With more multi-purpose space, ball fields and holes of golf than almost any market its size, the city has facilities and flexibility to spare. The biggest asset, though, is the destination's ability to offer 'top-shelf' hospitality.

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In other news and commentary...
High School Weightlifting About to Get Big Boost

It takes training and discipline and has great physical benefits. Parents love that it's a concussion-free sport. Weightlifting is about to get a big boost at the high school level, meaning event owners should get ready to see more teens entering the sport.

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A History Lesson: Why Denver Snubbed the 1976 Olympics

Cities used to rush the Olympic bargaining table. Today, they don't. But the roots of refusal actually stretch back nearly 50 years, to the time America put its foot down and refused to host the Winter Olympics. Which were to be presented in its bicentennial year, no less.

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University of Utah Becomes First Power 5 School with a Varsity eSports Team

Throughout the history of collegiate sports, there has been debate over which should be eligible for scholarship funds. The latest is eSports, with the announcement that the University of Utah will be the first school in a Power 5 Conference to hold tryouts and award funding.

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60-Minute International Soccer Games? It Could Happen

Trimming 30 minutes off the length of international soccer games and stopping the clock during timeouts would be a "radical change" to a sport steeped in global tradition dating back 2,000 years. But it's what the FIFA-supported International Football Association Board appears to be seeking.

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Wanna Bet That Sports Gambling Becomes Legal in More States?

From March Madness brackets to Super Bowl pools, betting on sports events is a tradition. It's just not legal - at least not in 46 states. However, the American Sports Betting Coalition and casino industry officials all over the country are trying to change all that.

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London's Home Run Derby: Could It Be the Beginning of Baseball in Britain?

The Fourth of July is just a day in London, but this year, baseball came there on America's Independence Day. Hyde Park welcomed several thousand fans to "MLB Battlegrounds" in which England cricket players participated in a home run derby. It may not catch on, but it was fun.

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Inside Events

Inside Events: USA Sumo

The centuries-old discipline of sumo wrestling originated in Japan but is practiced throughout the world. In this country, USA Sumo is the organizing body for competitive events, a wealth of resources and the producer of the US Sumo Open. Learn more about this surprisingly agile, powerful and fast sport.

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