SDM Issue

Issue | September 1, 2018
September/October 2018   

The landscape of sports is always evolving and changing. What doesn’t change: how much we love to get behind our favorite athletes and cheer for... More>>

Issue | November 1, 2017
November/December 2017   

The November/December issue not only heralds the end of one year and the beginning of another, but it brings the pinnacle of our work: the... More>>

Issue | September 1, 2017
September/October 2017   

The September/October issue of SDM has everything you need to hit the ground running. Where else will you find comprehensive information on venue... More>>

Issue | July 15, 2017
July/August 2017   

If your interests include not merely sports themselves but the business of sports, this issue is for you. Leading off, we have an article on planning... More>>

Issue | May 18, 2017
July/August 2018   

This issue of SDM covers a lot of ground. Our sports are as varied as combat, lacrosse and running, our Regional Focus covers the Southeast and there... More>>

Issue | May 18, 2017
May/June 2018   

A fascinating aspect of our industry is the way the moving parts – event owners, destinations, venues and services – create the dynamic whole.... More>>

Issue | May 18, 2017
March/April 2018   

The March/April issue is all about the change of seasons. Athletes are finding their way back to fields, courts, trails and roads that have been... More>>

Issue | May 1, 2017
May/June 2017   

This issue is one you’ll want to save. Not only does it contain excellent information on some of the fastest-growing sports around, like triathlon... More>>

Issue | March 1, 2017
March/April 2017   

The more things change, the more they stay the same? Not in the fast-paced world of sports where even the sports themselves are evolving. Our issue... More>>

Issue | February 5, 2017
January/February 2018   

The January/February issue of Sports Destination Management will help you start your year on a positive and productive note. In addition to getting... More>>

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