Article | May 18, 2015
Selfie Sticks: Device Non Grata at Sports Destinations   

It’s the device of choice in a social media-obsessed world. But lately, the selfie stick -- that telescoping rod that attaches to a phone and... More>>

Article | May 18, 2015
Ski Tourism: Up? Down? Who Knows?   

When it comes to ski tourism and travel for the winter of 2014-2015, statistics have been floating around; basically, they can be categorized as... More>>

Article | May 18, 2015
Sports Retailer Insures the Shirt on Your Back   

You know the drill. Sports fans plunk down big bucks for apparel with a favorite player’s name and number – only to have said favorite depart... More>>

Article | May 18, 2015
Sports for Fitness, Rather than Fun   

Remember when people used to play sports for fun? Yeah, those were the good old days. Emphasis on the old. Today, most of the sports that ordinary... More>>

Article | May 18, 2015
Tech Report: Smartwatches That Hate Tattoos, Apps That Choose Tunes   

That badass tribal tattoo on your wrist? The one you got after you did that epic mud run? Too bad it doesn’t impress your brand-new Apple Watch.... More>>

Article | May 14, 2015
Maryland Travel Industry Urging Governor to Veto Travel Services Tax   

For states hoping to boost their economies through tourism, travel taxes are a dicey issue. For Maryland, which has competition from nearby... More>>

News | May 13, 2015
Running & Fitness Event for Women Shows Explosive Growth in Chicago   

The Running & Fitness Event For Women, now in its second year, will occur June 29 through July 1, 2015 at Navy Pier in Chicago. More>>

| May 11, 2015
Bouchard-Hall Named USA Cycling Chief Executive Officer   

The USA Cycling Board of Directors announced the appointment of Derek Bouchard-Hall as the next CEO & President of USA Cycling. More>>

News | May 11, 2015
USPTA Expands to Incorporate PPTA, Platform Tennis   

The United States Professional Tennis Association will incorporate the Professional Platform Tennis Association. More>>

| May 11, 2015
New Abbott World Marathon Majors Wheelchair Series Announced   

The Abbott World Marathon Majors is expanding its series to include elite wheelchair athletes. More>>

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