Article | August 25, 2015
Team Travel Options: Transportation   

Getting from Point A to Point B is a lot more complex than it used to be. When should you use a bus? How convenient are charter flights? Can you buy... More>>

Article | August 25, 2015
Security: Maximize Your Protection   

Of all the vendors you’ll contract with, your event security partner will be one of the most important. And these days, new technologies and new... More>>

Article | August 25, 2015
Negotiating with Facility Vendors: Do it the Right Way   

Want to strike a great agreement with a venue to host your event? Start right here. Learn about what you should bring to the table – and what you... More>>

News | August 25, 2015
DSTE to be Held in Biloxi   

Managers of sports facilities hoping to attract more events can learn about keeping their turf top-notch at the Deep South Turf Expo. More>>

Article | August 25, 2015
‘Rage Room’ a Smashing Success with Disgruntled Sports Fans   

Fights in the stands. A shouting match in a sports bar. Spouses yelling at one another during a Super Bowl party. It’s not uncommon for a game to... More>>

News | August 25, 2015
NWSL Championship Game to be Held in Portland   

The National Women's Soccer League will hold its 2015 championship match Oct. 1 at Portland's Providence Park and will be televised. More>>

Article | August 25, 2015
More Money to Go Around: Playoff Officials to Help Cover Family Travel   

College Football Playoff officials started 2015 by announcing they'd pay travel expenses for parents and guardians of athletes. That was well... More>>

Article | August 25, 2015
Funding Gambit Could Cost AZ Sports Tourism   

Sometimes, cities get new and creative ideas to finance sports facilities and sports tourism. But when they don’t pan out, things can get pretty... More>>

Article | August 25, 2015
Is There a “Best Time: for Sports Event Planners to Book Airline Seats?   

Most frequent flyers will tell you they have some kind of magic formula for finding the lowest fares. Always shop on a Tuesda. Always shop on the... More>>

Article | August 25, 2015
‘Guns in Parks’ Law: Long-Range Consequences for Sports Event Planners   

When Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam signed a bill permitting firearms in municipal parks, he kicked down the door to a very dark closet, bringing... More>>

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