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Article | June 17, 2015
2026 World Cup Decision-Making Put on Hold   

The winner of the 2026 FIFA World Cup site selection process wasn’t expected to be announced until 2017. Now, it might take even longer – not... More>>

Article | June 3, 2015
Could FIFA Scandal Bring the World Cup to the USA Sooner?   

The sports event planning industry awoke last week to watch the rest of the world learn what it had suspected all along: the FIFA process for... More>>

Article | June 2, 2015
Utah Girls Make History with First Tackle Football League   

While the nation ponders the idea of women in combat in the military, another, less visible, barrier is broken: girls in tackle football. More>>

Article | June 1, 2015
Hospitality Industry Weighs in on Separation of Church and State   

The separation of church and state has never been more apparent than in the hospitality industry lately. From Indiana to Louisiana, CVBs and sports... More>>

Article | May 18, 2015
Enthusiasts Welcoming New Dedicated Facilities for Remote Cars, Planes   

Sports facilities include motor sports tracks and air fields. So why can’t they also include spaces where enthusiasts can use remote-controlled... More>>

Article | May 6, 2015
Take That: Gaylord Plants Boundary Stakes, Breaks Ground on Mega-Facility   

There are grand openings and there are soft opening. And apparently, there are quasi-openings that are held just to prove a point. Proponents of the... More>>

Article | April 6, 2015
Pickleball: The Sport with a Funny Name is Serious About Tourism   

The sport with the funny name is serious about attracting national competitions to new destinations. Pickleball, a paddle sport that looks a bit like... More>>

Article | March 27, 2015
Super Bowl Turf Finds Another Home   

Super Bowl XLIX (and the surrounding Deflategate) may have gone down in history, but the field lives on. Literally. Tolleson Unified High School was... More>>

Article | March 12, 2015
College Creates 'Soccer Track' in Sport Management   

The University of Colorado-Colorado Springs College will be America's first university to offer a business degree with a special soccer “track,"... More>>

Article | March 1, 2015
Inside Events: USA Racquetball   

USA Racquetball is the national governing body of the sport, which plays out nationally and internationally, in all age groups and in all sectors.... More>>

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