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Article | December 28, 2015
The New Frontiers Are Here   

Star Trek fans will recognize space as “ the final frontier.” But in the sports industry, the new frontiers are more earthbound and often much... More>>

Article | December 28, 2015
Cold Play   

Winter brings sports that play out on the frozen landscape. Whether the venue is a ski resort, a curling arena or a sheet of ice for hockey, the... More>>

Article | December 28, 2015
Basketball: Traveling Widely   

With March Madness lurking, basketball is going to be on everyone’s radar for the next few months. But beyond brackets, there’s a whole science... More>>

Article | December 16, 2015
Going to Pot: Industry Wrestles with Having Events in Marijuana States   

It’s a conundrum that up until a few years ago, didn’t exist. The legalization of marijuana in specific states has event planners scrambling to... More>>

Article | November 18, 2015
Not in My Backyard: Planners See New Rules on Sports in Denver’s Parks   

The fun runs, benefit bicycle rides and charity walks streaming through Denver’s parks weren’t considered fun, charitable or beneficial to those... More>>

Article | November 6, 2015
2015 Champions of Economic Impact in Sports Tourism   

In this issue, we introduce our awards program, Champions of Economic Impact in Sports Tourism, with examples of quantifiable success stories... More>>

Article | November 3, 2015
Tennis - Hitting a Winner   

Next year, the U.S. Tennis Association’s “National Campus” in Orlando, Florida, should be open for business, with 102 courts, making it... More>>

Article | October 7, 2015
Colorado Springs Begins Fundraising for 61-Acre Youth Sports Complex   

Colorado Springs, the home of all things Olympic (after all, it’s the HQ of the USOC), just served notice that it’s about to become a haven for... More>>

Article | September 23, 2015
Blizzard of Non-Ski Activities Boosts Marketability of Winter Resorts   

Winter sports resorts are ramping up their facilities to bring in more events. In this case, though, it’s not just slopes, snow cannons or even... More>>

Article | September 23, 2015
Audit Finds Revenue Shortfalls for Arizona Cardinals Stadium Authority   

Back in February, while millions of football fans watched Super Bowl XLIX at the University of Phoenix Stadium, few of those screaming at the... More>>

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