Mid-Atlantic Articles

Article | April 6, 2016
A Canada/USA Winter Olympics? It Could Happen   

Could there be a bid to host the Olympics that takes two countries to pull it together? As the Magic 8-Ball likes to say, Signs Point to Yes.... More>>

Article | April 6, 2016
NYC Passes Legislation Against Tobacco in Sporting Events   

One day after the State of New York legalized professional MMA bouts, it said no to a far more long-standing tradition: tobacco at sports events.... More>>

Article | April 6, 2016
New York MMA Opponents Tap Out, Clear the Way for Professional Bouts   

It was quite a week in New York. The state said yes, at long last, to professional MMA bouts. That’s right: the city with the tough-guy reputation... More>>

Article | March 23, 2016
New Central New York Raceway Park Reaches Out to NASCAR   

While NASACAR fans look forward to a new season, New York State has been quietly developing a new facility outside of the Syracuse area that it hopes... More>>

Article | February 24, 2016
Buffalo, New York Has a Game Plan: Double its Sports Tourism   

We can do better than that. Or at least, that’s the theory of Visit Buffalo Niagra (New York) upon reviewing an already impressive resume of 168... More>>

Article | February 10, 2016
Inroads for Athletes with Disabilities: Adaptive Winter Games   

When New York’s Empire State Winter Games (ESWG) kicked off in Lake Placid, it brought the usual suspects, including skiing and snowboarding,... More>>

Article | December 28, 2015
The New Frontiers Are Here   

Star Trek fans will recognize space as “ the final frontier.” But in the sports industry, the new frontiers are more earthbound and often much... More>>

Article | December 16, 2015
Army-Navy Game Has Security Down to a Science, Even for the Goat   

East Coast drivers on Saturday were treated to the impressive sight of a long line of silver tour buses going along I-95. Perfectly spaced, all with... More>>

Article | December 16, 2015
NYC Youth Sports Groups: Budget Won’t Suffice to Redevelop Pier 40   

New York’s Pier 40, once the passenger terminal for the Holland America line, has since served as overflow parking and commercial warehouse space,... More>>

Article | December 16, 2015
Old Borscht Belt Resort in Catskills May Become a Youth Sports Complex   

Remember the old resorts in the Catskills, brought to life in movies like ‘Dirty Dancing?’ One of them may have a second life as a youth sports... More>>

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