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Article | April 29, 2015
The Makings of a First-Class Fishing Hole   

A first-class fishing hole is (as might be expected) filled with prize catches, but more than that, it offers special amenities to its participants,... More>>

Article | April 7, 2015
Inside Events: USA Team Handball   

If you're still envisioning handball as a marginalized pastime -- something played only in rec centers with a small ball, USA Team Handball has a... More>>

Article | January 22, 2015
Birmingham, AL, Tapped for World Games 2021   

#Boston2024? That’s so two weeks ago. Get ready for the Birmingham, Alabama, hashtag, #bhm2021. With the announcement of Birmingham as host of the... More>>

Article | January 15, 2015
The Games in Birmingham? It Could Happen   

Recently, the hashtag was #Boston2024. But now it's #Birmingham2021. With World Games at stake, Alabama is ready to play. More>>

Article | October 22, 2014
Outstanding Venues: Build the Perfect Event from the Ground Up   

The best way to build a great event is from the ground up. Here are some of the country's most outstanding venues to get you started. More>>

Article | October 21, 2014
Volleyball Serves Up Winning Combinations   

Fueled by interest in the action on beach and sand courts, volleyball is experiencing growth in all sectors. Here's what keeps it going. More>>

Article | June 30, 2014
The Southeast: A Sports Mecca   

The southeast has long been a haven for sports, with warm weather conducive to outdoor activity almost year-round. More>>

Article | May 22, 2014
Need a Who’s Who? Here’s Your Go-To   

From drawing board to playing field, tailgate to trophy, a successful event starts with a savvy partner. Meet some of the best and brightest. More>>

Article | March 5, 2014
Everybody Into the Pool   

As aquatic sports gain popularity, the desire for natatoriums to host an increasing number of regional and national events is greater than ever. More>>

Article | January 15, 2014
New and Expanding Markets: Brave New Worlds   

Brave new worlds. Get past the hyperbole and you discover the truth: Everyone wants to find that undiscovered, unspoiled area, even for sports. More>>

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