Winter Sports Articles

Article | March 8, 2017
Utah Celebrates 15-Year Anniversary of 2002 Winter Olympic   

Hard to believe that 2017 marked 15 years since Salt Lake City hosted the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. The International Olympic Committee made its... More>>

Article | January 30, 2017
Winter Wonderlands   

Think winter sports only occur in the high, windswept mountains? Chill out. While snowy peaks will always call to skiers and snowboarders, an array... More>>

Article | January 25, 2017
Winter Jam NYC: Skiing and Snowboarding in Central Park?   

What if we told you New York City’s Central Park will become a ski destination this weekend? That’s right: a ski destination. You might choke... More>>

Article | December 14, 2016
Sports Event Planners are Ready for Ski Season but is Mother Nature?   

The calendars are set. The athletes are ready. But it seems, whether because of climate change or just plain contrary weather, Mother Nature is not... More>>

Article | November 30, 2016
NHL’s Threatened Pullout of the Olympics Could Put Sports Events on Ice in 2018   

There just might be a different face on the Olympic hockey teams in 2018, thanks (or no thanks) to disagreements between the NHL and the IOC. And... More>>

Article | November 18, 2016
2016 Champions of Economic Impact in Sports Tourism   

In each issue of SDM, we examine the unique relationship between event organizer and host city. In this issue, we celebrate it. Our Champions of... More>>

Article | October 19, 2016
International Ski Federation Makes Push to Draw Younger Generation   

Skiing is okay for old people. That’s the stereotype the International Ski Federation is fighting, and apparently it will take an all-out effort to... More>>

Article | October 18, 2016
Snow Sports Alert: An Avalanche of Ill-Advised Selfies in Backcountry Conditions   

Those putting on ski and snowboard events in high altitudes are already well-versed on the dangers of avalanches. Unfortunately, others (such as... More>>

Article | October 5, 2016
U.S. King of the Ski Mountain, Beats France for First Time Since 2011-12   

The snow must go on for sports events to succeed, and a lack of precipitation in the Alps and Pyrenees has worked in the U.S.’s favor, giving this... More>>

Article | August 24, 2016
Inside Events: Disabled Sports USA   

Soon, the Paralympics will take center stage in Rio, providing an international showcase for athletes with disabilities. But before those individuals... More>>

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