Winter Sports Articles

Article | April 6, 2016
A Canada/USA Winter Olympics? It Could Happen   

Could there be a bid to host the Olympics that takes two countries to pull it together? As the Magic 8-Ball likes to say, Signs Point to Yes.... More>>

Article | April 6, 2016
Shuffling Snow from Site to Site Means Winter Events Can Survive   

Following a year in which the International Ski Federation has cancelled or amended many World Cup events due to unseasonably warm weather around... More>>

Article | March 23, 2016
Jacksonville, Florida Ready to Heat Up Sports Tourism with …Curling?   

Jacksonville, Florida, long a hotbed for sports like golf, is trying something completely different: curling. It’s all part of the cities grand... More>>

Article | February 10, 2016
Inroads for Athletes with Disabilities: Adaptive Winter Games   

When New York’s Empire State Winter Games (ESWG) kicked off in Lake Placid, it brought the usual suspects, including skiing and snowboarding,... More>>

Article | January 27, 2016
Baggage Fees Create New Market for Rental, Shipment of Ski Equipment   

Everyone hates airline baggage fees, except those who stand to benefit, namely ski and snowboard rental shops, and equipment shipping companies.... More>>

Article | January 13, 2016
Inside Events: US Biathlon   

Biathlon, combining cross-country skiing and marksmanship, has grown year-over-year. The US Biathlon Association is the national governing body,... More>>

Article | January 13, 2016
Warmer Winter Playing Havoc with Snow Sports Events   

The unseasonably warm temperatures this fall and throughout December and the early part of January were good for jokes, like a Facebook meme reading,... More>>

Article | December 28, 2015
Cold Play   

Winter brings sports that play out on the frozen landscape. Whether the venue is a ski resort, a curling arena or a sheet of ice for hockey, the... More>>

Article | December 9, 2015
Ski Resorts Boasting Upgrades in Hopes of Attracting Sports Revenue   

Ski resort owners, having invested big in facility upgrades with the goal of attracting more traffic, are anticipating winter with the same... More>>

Article | November 6, 2015
2015 Champions of Economic Impact in Sports Tourism   

In this issue, we introduce our awards program, Champions of Economic Impact in Sports Tourism, with examples of quantifiable success stories... More>>

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