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Article | May 30, 2018
Las Vegas Casino Workers’ Strike Could Impact Stanley Cup Finals   

A few weeks ago, the idea that casino workers in Vegas might go on strike wasn't even an issue for the sports industry. Now, however, with the Las... More>>

Article | May 30, 2018
New York Bill Targets Shooting Sports, Would Ban not only Gun Sports but Archery   

In perhaps any other year, an attempt to ban shooting sports in high schools would be dismissed and no eyebrows would be raised. However, in the... More>>

Article | May 30, 2018
USA to FIFA: There Will Be No Travel Discrimination for 2026 World Cup   

We’re only two weeks away from FIFA’s big announcement, namely who will host the 2026 World Cup. The U.S. has been steadfast in its denial of any... More>>

Article | May 30, 2018
Slam Dunk: 2019 Final Four Expected to Generate Economic Impact of $142M   

The city of Minneapolis is expecting another tourism windfall next year with the 2019 NCAA Men’s Final Four, which is coming to U.S. Bank Stadium... More>>

Article | May 24, 2018
Creating an Experience that Keeps Athletes Coming Back   

All event organizers want the same things: a well-run event (it goes without saying this means one without any unpleasant surprises) and good... More>>

Article | May 16, 2018
Boston University Study Links Youth Tackle Football to Early Brain Problems   

The news keeps getting worse for youth football. A study by researchers at Boston University’s School of Medicine suggests playing tackle football... More>>

Article | May 16, 2018
Tie-ins with the Royal Wedding are Match Made in Heaven for Sports Event Owners   

The royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is this Saturday, and if you thought the sports and travel industry would miss out on cashing in,... More>>

Article | May 2, 2018
Inside Events: Interscholastic Equestrian Association   

While much has been written about equestrian sports at the college and professional levels, not as much attention is paid to where riders start. The... More>>

Article | May 2, 2018
Explosive Growth Expected as Championship Beach Volleyball Comes to NJCAA Level   

When beach volleyball, the fastest-growing sport in college history, exploded on the scene as an NCAA championship event in record time, people were... More>>

Article | May 2, 2018
Sports Fiesta! Cinco de Mayo's Saturday Date is Numero Uno with Event Owners   

Americans love their margaritas and their Mexican food. They also love an excuse to party. And of course, they love their sports. So mix the Cinco de... More>>

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