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Article | May 13, 2020
Inside Events: The Varsity Esports Foundation   

There’s no doubt that esports is exploding in popularity. And at the forefront of the movement to help put quality esports in high schools is the... More>>

Article | May 13, 2020
No International NFL Games This Year Could Signify Deeper Problems   

When the NFL announced its 2020 schedule, it didn’t include any of the five expected international games (four in England and one in Mexico). The... More>>

Article | May 13, 2020
Will High School Football Kick Off? Maybe Not   

High school and youth football might be delayed, but not for the reason you think. Helmet inspections, mandated nationwide in order for teams to... More>>

Article | May 13, 2020
Post-COVID Sports: Stadium Disinfecting Drones, Cardboard Spectators   

What will sports look like in a post-COVID-19 era? While sports are announcing their comeback events, the spectator side is an example of... More>>

Article | May 13, 2020
For Players, FIFA's COVID-19 Coping Strategy Includes... Esports   

With the competitive season on hold for the foreseeable future, FIFA has outlined its strategies for coping with COVID-19. In particular, says... More>>

Article | May 13, 2020
Late Summer/Early Fall Being Targeted as Restart Date   

Is late summer when the industry will hit the restart button? While it’s impossible to say exactly when COVID-19 will cease to be a threat (and... More>>

Article | May 13, 2020
The Sport Where You Don’t Inhale Has Olympic Ambitions   

Everyone has heard the debate of what does (and doesn’t) constitute a sport, as well as what should (and shouldn’t) be included in the Olympics.... More>>

Article | May 12, 2020
Youth Baseball Makes Post-Lockdown Debut   

Play ball…carefully. That was the message in St. Louis over the weekend where a youth baseball game took place. And yes, social distancing was... More>>

Article | April 29, 2020
Sources: "Assault on Hometown Baseball" a Done Deal   

Last year, the country learned of what became known as “the assault on hometown baseball,” or MLB’s proposal to cut 40 teams from the minors.... More>>

Article | April 29, 2020
USA Rugby Files for Bankruptcy; Will Other NGBs Follow?   

The first domino to fall? USA Rugby has become the first NGB to file filed for bankruptcy. The organization has, like many, suspended all... More>>

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