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Article | January 15, 2014
New and Expanding Markets: Brave New Worlds   

Brave new worlds. Get past the hyperbole and you discover the truth: Everyone wants to find that undiscovered, unspoiled area, even for sports. More>>

Article | January 14, 2014
Northeast: Small Towns with Big Sports Potential   

The Northeast United States is densely populated with over 55 million people. For some sports event organizers, the Northeast is a major player. More>>

Article | September 6, 2013
Winning on Water   

With more than 250,000 rivers and countless smaller bodies of water, plus coastal areas, Americans find new ways to enjoy their water all the time. More>>

USA Synchro: An Interview of Julie Fabsik-Swarts
Article | June 27, 2013
USA Synchro: An Interview with Julie Fabsik-Swarts   

USA Synchro is based in Indianapolis and serves as the National Governing Body (NGB) for the sport of synchronized swimming which is featured in the... More>>

Engaging Community Volunteers – The Secret to a Successful Sporting Event
Article | June 25, 2013
Engaging Community Volunteers – The Secret to a Successful Sporting Event   

When it comes to running a successful sporting event, one planning element cannot be overlooked, no matter the sport – volunteer recruitment. In... More>>

Unforgettable Fishing
Article | April 30, 2013
Unforgettable Fishing   

Ample lodging, great dining and appealing attractions are always important to a sports event, but when it comes to fishing tournaments, one thing... More>>

The Age of Sports: Planning Events for Senior Athletes: An Interview with Marc T. Riker
Article | April 25, 2013
Planning Events for Senior Athletes: An Interview with Marc T. Riker   

Getting older and slowing down? Not unless you're talking about the laptops these athletes are carrying as they travel from event to event. More>>

Article | March 1, 2013
Mountain High: Great States for Sports   

The Mountain States are defined by the dramatic terrain and beauty of the Rocky Mountains, so it’s perhaps no surprise that sports in these states... More>>

Emerging Markets: Get Out of Your Venue Rut
Article | December 31, 2012
Emerging Markets: Get Out of Your Venue Rut   

Repetition has long been known to be beneficial to athletes in practice sessions. When it comes to the location of sports events, though, for... More>>

Northeast: Abundance of Riches
Article | December 31, 2012
Northeast: Abundance of Riches   

When it comes to sports destinations, the Northeast has a lot to offer. The geographic region encompasses the nine states from Maine to Pennsylvania,... More>>

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