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Article | July 13, 2016
The ‘Brain-Eating Amoeba’ and Open-Water Sports Events: What Planners Need to Know   

The recent death of a teenager after contracting a rare illness at a waterpark has put the sports community on notice. Such infections, it is noted,... More>>

Article | June 15, 2016
What Do the Olympics Five New Sports Mean to Planners?   

With the recent announcement that the IOC’s executive board has recommended five new sports to be hosted at Tokyo during the 2020 Summer Games, the... More>>

Article | May 27, 2016
Minority Report: Can a Diverse Camper Population Grow Outdoor Sports?   

A recent statistic regarding the growing participation in minorities in camping is great news; after all, this is a demographic that for years was... More>>

Article | May 20, 2016
America's Anglers: Following the Current   

Whether it’s bass fishing, deep sea angling, fly casting or anything else, fishing is big business with great potential for economic impact. The... More>>

Article | April 20, 2016
Getting Millennials into Sports Means Letting them be Kids   

Millennials are poised for world domination, someday. In the meantime, they enjoy escaping back into childhood periodically. And that just might be... More>>

Article | March 23, 2016
Prior to Olympic Selection Time, Surfing Stirring the Waters   

Surfing, one potential sport in 2020, has in its favor a youthful vibe and the potential to bring in viewers. But one thing wasn’t in surfing’s... More>>

Article | February 10, 2016
Inside Events: USA Underwater Hockey   

USA Underwater Hockey is a player-driver organization, focused on supporting and promoting underwater hockey. The sport is played six-on-six with two... More>>

Article | January 27, 2016
Inside Events: USRowing   

With the summer Olympics in Rio on the horizon, USRowing, the national governing body for the sport of rowing in the U.S., is ready for its close-up.... More>>

Article | January 27, 2016
Top Trending Spa Sport: Surfing   

The 2016 "Spa and Wellness Trends Report," noted that surfing was at the top of the trending wave in travel, and it rocked the meeting planning... More>>

Article | January 13, 2016
Rio’s Water Pollution: Lots of Problems, Few Solutions   

How dirty is the water in Rio? Dirty enough that Olympic sailors are considering wearing plastic coveralls and surgical masks. One already got MRSA.... More>>

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