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November/December 2014 November/December 2014

Where are some of the most exciting developments in our industry occurring? At the intersection of sports and technology. The November/December issue of Sports Destination Management has all the details. What can mobile apps do for your event? How is technology influencing the merchandising and promotional industry? How can it help you communicate if your event should have to shift into crisis mode? You can learn it all here. In addition, you’ll learn about the evolution and rise of fitness competitions – currently relying heavily on social media for their promotion and branding. Plus, you’ll get the latest on equestrian sports and rodeo, volleyball and tennis facilities. Learning starts now. Turn the page to get started.
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September/October 2014 September/October 2014

If you want the best insights into sports planning, the best place to start is with industry experts. This issue of Sports Destination Management has them all. Take a look at the articles on long-term contracts, safety and security, transportation options and negotiations with facility vendors, as well as the Sports Outlook article on USA Cycling, and the Executive Insights piece on the Professional Disc Golf Association. Destinations and NGBs from sports across the nation have shared their photos and ideas about soccer, gymnastics and water sports. Our Regional Focus article features interviews with cities in the Southwest and Pacific, highlighting some new and favored facilities. There’s more too; our From the Web feature highlights some industry news that appeared on our site, sent in by our readers. Open the pages and ready yourself for a wealth of knowledge.
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July/August 2014 July/August 2014

Want to stay ahead and not just keep up? Want to work smarter, not just harder? The July/August issue of Sports Destination Management can help you achieve those goals. We have information on the best destinations for lacrosse, new trends in the running world and proven strategies for winning with wrestling, boxing and martial arts events. Get the facts on MRSA and learn to harness the power of stay-to-play policies to capture your best returns yet. This issue brings together some new sports (pickleball), provides updates on the powerhouse sports of cheer and dance, and teaches you to tap into resources your CVB can provide to help raise your event’s media profile. Learn everything you need to know, starting here and now.
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May/June 2014 May/June 2014

Sports event planners, don’t lose another minute—find out in this May-June 2014 issue of Sports Destination Management how to stay ahead of the curve and on top of developing trends, like events for senior athletes. Our in-depth coverage of the best practices to make events successful for senior athletes will put you on top of your game—and help you help them to be the best they can be, too. Not sure what it takes to be eco-friendly? Find out in our article on sustainable sports events. You will come away with the best tips for planning, marketing and even making key partnerships that will enhance your event at every turn – and even inspire others to follow suit. Triathlon is one event experiencing explosive growth, thanks to three key initiatives at the national level. Learn what those are and how they can be implemented at your next event in the article, “Triathlon and Beyond: New Trends in Multisport.” The spring sports season has officially kicked off. Make the most of it with the outstanding industry insights you’ll find in the pages ahead.
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March/April March/April 2014

Sometimes, when we’re surrounded by top-notch sports complexes, we forget that many kids get their first introduction to sports – and the great outdoors in general – at their local parks. The facilities are free and they’re a great place for kids to unplug from the computer and connect with their friends. This issue gives us a great look at some fascinating facilities and in fact, some are based in city-owned and operated parks. We have a wealth of information in this issue, including articles on insurance, hotel selection, medical support at sports events, and how to effectively plan an event for athletes with mobility limitations. Don’t miss our feature on the mountain region of the U.S. either – it’s a lot more than skiing and hiking destinations. We’ll look at baseball facilities around the U.S. and get some insights into what goes into a successful swimming and diving event. We’ll also find out what is going on in the golf industry – as the Summer Olympics creep ever closer, what is this sport doing to bring in new players and rejuvenate its image? In addition, there are great features on various destinations and businesses. It’s all inside these pages, so enjoy – and learn.
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2014 January/February 2014

The post-holiday winter doldrums might not get people fired up about sports – until you think about how much is waiting for us. As the Olympics in Sochi take over our TVs, America will be enjoying anything and everything taking place on ice and snow.
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