Billings Sees Million Dollar Economic Benefit During DI Women's Basketball Championship

15 Jul, 2019

The 39th NAIA DI Women’s Basketball National Championship was hosted in Billings, Mont. and created a surge in the local economy.

The NAIA DI Women’s Basketball Championship brought in 32 teams and their fans to Billings from anywhere between one-to-seven days. Over the course of the championship, teams and fans not only occupy the hotels of the Billings region but patronize local restaurants and attractions.

Overall Economic impact estimated at $1,080,000

Attendance over the entire championship: 19,408

Approximately 2,500 more attendees than 2018

“This event is far more reaching than the economic impact,” said Alex Tyson, Visit Billings executive director. “Clearly the economics are very important, but what this event builds within the community in comradery, civic pride, and fostering area youth, pays dividends beyond the direct monetary impact to lodging facilities and tourism partners.”

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