Fishers of Men District Championship Coming to Lake Okeechobee

16 Nov, 2018

The Palm Beach County Sports Commission is bringing a regional bass fishing tournament to Lake Okeechobee. The Fishers of Men National Tournament Trail District Championship will take place on November 13-17 in the Glades Region.

The Championship will attract anglers from the Southeast region of the United States. This five (5) day event includes three (3) days of practice and previewing areas of the lake and two (2) days of tournament fishing.  On Thursday, November 15th, the anglers will come together for a fishing celebration and banquet at the Lomax Harrelle Pavillon in Belle Glade. 

The Fishers of Men National Tournament Trail produces over 300 bass fishing tournaments annually and is the one of the largest sport fishing event organizations in the country.   This November will represent the inaugural Fishers of Men Tournament Trail event taking place on Lake Okeechobee. 

Palm Beach County and its communities in the Glades Region will capture economic and marketing benefits from this event.  The anglers and their families will provide boost to local businesses.  Furthermore, this bass fishing tournament will be streamed live across the country, promoting Lake Okeechobee, Belle Glade, and The Palm Beaches.

“For many years, Lake Okeechobee has proven to be one of the best bass fishing lakes in the world in both the number of fish and the size of the fish,” said Bobby Eads, Vice President for the Fishers of Men National Tournament Trail. It’s the kind of place that’s on every serious angler’s “bucket list”. Our competitors will come in and make Palm Beach County their home away from home for a five-day period while providing an economic boost to the community.”

“The Palm Beach County Sports Commission is thrilled to partner with the City of Belle Glade in hosting a regional fishing tournament on Lake Okeechobee”, remarked George Linley, Executive Director for the Palm Beach County Sports Commission.  This bass fishing tournament is happening in the Glades Region due to a variety of great partnerships.  The Palm Beach County Sports Commission is joining forces with the City of Belle Glade, the Belle Glade Chamber of Commerce, and Florida Crystals to support this event, which will create tourism for Palm Beach County’s western communities.”


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