Report: Gen.G Opens Los Angeles HQ and Training Facility

27 Nov, 2019

Gen.G Esports has announced the opening of a Los Angeles headquarters and training facility, which serves a similar purpose for Western teams as its existing South Korean headquarters, according to the following article in The Esports Observer:

The organization’s Call of DutyFortnite, and Apex Legends teams will train at the space, with Gen.G’s content creators and 15 U.S. employees also based in the facility. Additionally, Gen.G’s Seoul Dynasty Overwatch League team will train in L.A. until the end of the current season before heading to Seoul for the 2020 season.

Based out of Electronic Arts’ Los Angeles studio building, Gen.G’s 13,000-square-foot space includes three scrim rooms, six soundproof streaming rooms, and a film review room, all outfitted with fiber internet connections. The players will live in apartments a two-minute walk from the HQ, and will have access to a gym, personal trainers, meals, and other health and wellness amenities.

Gen.G opened a seven-story headquarters and training facility in Seoul last November, with U.S. operations handled out of a temporary L.A. location until the U.S. HQ was completed.

“We’ve always viewed ourselves as the most global esports company in the world, and our goal has always been to bridge the Eastern and Western esports markets since we launched in 2017,” said Gen.G chief operating officer Arnold Hur to The Esports Observer. “We’re really pleased with the headway we’ve made over the last year in particular. As one of the fastest-growing organizations, it was important that we level-up the professional experience of our U.S.-based teams, similar to what we built in Korea last year in our Seoul HQ facility.

“We believe the esports world will continue to evolve, collide and collaborate with the lifestyle and culture space, so there wasn’t a better place than Los Angeles to be at the center of that,” he continued. “Now that we finally have a Los Angeles headquarters, we’ll be able to better connect with our American fans and tap into all of their interests as we develop unique, engaging ways to get them excited about Gen.G.”


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