First Annual Barber-Que to take Place During Barber Historics

16 Apr, 2015

Championship Teams from Across the Country to Participate at Barber Motorsports Park

What goes more hand in hand than barbeque and racing? The First Annual Barber Historics event is proud to host the Barber-Que “Alabama BBQ Championship” competition sanctioned by the Kansas City Barbeque Society (KCBS), to take place during the inaugural Barber Historics at Barber Motorsports Park, May 15-17.

On Saturday, May 16, championship teams from across the country will be preparing for a day of competition at beautiful Barber Motorsports Park. When the engines get revving and charcoal starts burning, barbeque enthusiasts will be preparing to see who’s barbeque is voted the “best of the best” by the judges and spectators. Teams of the Barber-Que “Alabama BBQ Championship” will be competing for a prize purse of $10,000.

“A sanctioned barbeque championship is something that I’ve wanted to bring to Birmingham for a long time,” stated George Dennis, president of ZOOM Motorsports, the exclusive event promoter of the Barber Motorsports Park. “We are proud to offer unique off-track activities, alongside the on-track racing that will be taking place.”

Saturday’s competition will include grilling demonstrations, free samplings, live entertainment, world champion barbeque vendors, a car parts swap meet, car corral, and much more. The event is located near the car corral and swap meet area and barbeque tastings will take place from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., with the competition lasting most of the day. The Barber-Que Championship is free of charge to all spectators with a valid Barber Historics ticket.  

“We are thrilled to bring the First Annual Barber-Que to Birmingham,” stated Ron Cates, President & CEO of Smoke on the Water Productions. “We are excited about this partnership and look forward to continuing the Barber-Que at Barber Motorsports Park for many years to come.”

Tickets and additional information can be purchased online at

Below is a list of the schedule of events:

Grilling Demonstrations:
1:00 pm            30 minute Pork Grilling Demonstration with free sampling
3:00 pm            30 minute Brisket Grilling Demonstration with free sampling

Turn In Times and Live Judging:
12:00 pm           Chicken
12:30 pm           Pork Ribs
1:00 pm              Pork
1:30 pm              Beef Brisket
2:00 pm              Sauce

People’s Choice:
2:00 pm              The public will have the opportunity to vote on their favorite

About Barber Historics: The Barber Historics the Historic Motor Sports Association is bringing in more than 250 museum quality race cars -from the earliest day of the sport through the 1980s- competing in a variety of classes based on engine size, car type and age. Championship cars from Formula One, Can Am and Trans Am, with an emphasis on the Lotus race car. The legendary British manufacturer has been producing high – performance vehicles since 1952. The company states that its cars combine lightness, strength and simplicity. 

About Kansas City Barbeque Society: The KCBS is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting, celebrating, teaching, and preserving barbeque as America’s Cuisine. It is the world’s largest organization of barbeque and grilling enthusiasts with more than 19,000 members worldwide.

About Smoke on the Water Productions: As promoter of the nation’s premier barbecue competitions, Smoke on the Water Productions have created a series of events that have averaged over 30,000 visitors and 158 of the world’s best profession cook teams the past thirteen years. “Barbecue is big business now” According to Ron Cates, President & CEO of Smoke on the Water Productions. "It used to be a handful of contests giving away ribbons and a little bit of prize money. We came in and created events for the true professional to compete against the world's top teams and increased prize money tenfold. Winning one of our events, especially the prestigious USA Barbecue Championship, now guarantees endorsement opportunities and the notoriety that goes with being the world's best." From humble beginnings with a $5,000 purse, to the richest contest in the world today, Smoke on the Water currently offers over $400,000 in prize money with events in Las Vegas, Laughlin, Atlantic City, Arkansas, Mississippi, Texas, Missouri and a NASCAR King of the Pit Championship Series at Daytona, Michigan and Talladega. For more information, please visit

About Barber Motorsports Park and Zoom Motorsports: Barber Motorsports Park opened in the spring of 2003. Since its inception, ZOOM Motorsports, LLC has been the exclusive event promoter for the events at the Park. The 2.38-mile racing circuit is 45 feet wide, with 17 turns and elevation changes of more than 80 feet. The Barber Motorsports Park has been considered one of North America’s finest road courses for car and motorcycle racing, and has served as the venue for several international product launches. The Barber Motorsports Park also features the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum. This 144,000 square-foot facility houses more than 1,400 vintage and modern motorcycles from 17 different nations and more than 125 manufacturers. For more information, please visit


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