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Warrior 5v5 Soccer Releases Summer Schedule

Apr 13, 2022

We are very excited to announce our 2022 Tour dates. Registration in now open so start planning your Summer Soccer fun now! We are still adding dates so check out our Tour schedule page for new events and to register. www.5v5soccer.com/tour

Upcoming Warrior 5v5 Soccer Tour schedule

16-April Eckerd College, St. Petersburg

1-May Spring Hill, FL

14-May San Diego Loyal

21-May Tucson

21-May St George

22-May Jacksonville

28-May Spartanburg

4-June Waco

4-June Montgomery

4-June Ponca City

4-June Brandon

11-June Lubbock

11-June Pittsburgh

12-June Westin Cup

18-June Colorado Springs Switchbacks

18-June Lou City

18-June San Antonio

18-June Las Cruces

18-June Naples

25-June Austin

25-June Gadsden

25-June Carlsbad

25-June Houston

25-June Tulsa

25-June Homestead  

2-July Carrollton

9-July San Antonio

9-July El Paso

9-July Littleton

16-July Cincinnati

16-July Omaha Union

16-July Cedar City

16-July Mobile

23-July Artesia

23-July Pensacola

23-July Bel Air

23-July Overland Park

30-July Harlingen

30-July Hartford

30-July Triad

30-Jul Las Cruces, NM Under the lights

30-Jul Denver, CO  

6-Aug Round Rock

6-Aug Peoria

13-Aug Farmington

20-Aug Buffalo

20-Aug Apopka  

Sept 3-4 Lubbock Sports Cup  


Top 3 teams in each division qualify for:

Nov 19-20 2022 5v5 Soccer National Championship

5v5 Soccer is looking for host clubs in 2022. Click here for more information!

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