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Author | August 25, 2015
Ally Mills Dorrough   

Ally Mills Dorrough is the public relations coordinator for Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism in Alabama. More>>

Author | August 25, 2015
Micah Rice   

Micah Rice is USA Cycling’s vice president of national events and is responsible for managing the organization’s 17 national championship events... More>>

Author | August 25, 2015
Steve Goris   

Steve Goris is planning and management advisor for The Sports Facilities Advisory|The Sports Facilities Management. More>>

Author | June 18, 2015
Jon Schmieder   

Jon Schmieder is the Founder of the Huddle Up Group LLC, a consortium of three sports related companies led by award winning executives. More>>

Author | June 18, 2015
Kait Mitchell   

An avid field hockey enthusiast since the age of 12, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, native Kait Mitchell graduated Ball State University as a Division I... More>>

Author | April 27, 2015
Marie Stenseth   

Marie Stenseth has been an intern with the St. Cloud Area CVB since fall 2014. More>>

Author | April 27, 2015
Matt Reger   

Matt Reger is national events coordinator with USA Triathlon. More>>

Author | February 16, 2015
Alex Benepe   

Alex Benepe is the CEO and co-founder of US Quidditch, dedicated to promoting, governing, and developing the sport of quidditch. More>>

Author | February 16, 2015
Stacy Brennan   

Stacy Brennan is with Kahala Travel® /Team Sports Travel. More>>

Author | January 7, 2015
Matt B. Davis   

Matt B. Davis is a journalist and podcaster who specializes in obstacle racing and mud runs More>>

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