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Author | March 28, 2011
David Stephens   

David Stephens is the co-founder and CEO of PrimeTime Sports, LLC, with offices in Dallas, TX and Garden City, KS. PrimeTime Sports is an 8 year old... More>>

Author | March 28, 2011
Evan Shoemake   

Evan Shoemake is a writer living in Brooklyn, NY. His prior experience includes writing for the music industry where he wrote numerous recording... More>>

Author | March 28, 2011
Denise Stokes   

T. Denise Stokes has been a secret weapon for high-profile public relations and communications across multiple industries – travel and tourism,... More>>

Author | March 28, 2011
Paul Bassman   

Paul Bassman is President of CSI Entertainment Insurance, one of the country's largest hospitality, entertainment and sports insurance brokers. More>>

Author | March 28, 2011
Shawn McBride   

Shawn McBride has more than 10 years experience in sports and brand marketing communications. As VP of Ketchum's sports division for the past two... More>>

Author | March 28, 2011
Dev Pathik   

Dev Pathik is the founder and CEO of The Sports Facilities Advisory | The Sports Facilities Management. For more than 20 years, he has owned,... More>>

Author | March 28, 2011
Shawn Hatem   

Shawn's skills in writing, editing, layout/design, researching, documentation, and interviewing serve SFA clients throughout the phases of market... More>>

Author | March 28, 2011
Shawn Ryan   

Shawn Ryan has been a print journalist for 25 years, working at several daily newspapers and writing stories that have appeared in such publications... More>>

Author | March 28, 2011
Andrea Johnson   

Andrea Johnson is the principal of Ideas to Words, a Minneapolis-based marketing communications company. She helps people and organizations capture... More>>

Article | June 30, 2008
Comparing Apples to Apples   

Along with the trend toward sports specialization and the subsequent proliferation of sport-specific clubs and travel teams, many amateur sporting... More>>

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