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Author | April 24, 2013
Diane C. Schafer   

Diane C. Schafer has 13 years of experience in the meetings and travel industry. She works at Stringfellow Management Group in Bel Air, Maryland,... More>>

Author | April 23, 2013
Lisa Wallace   

Lisa Wallace serves as Communications Manager for Visit Indy, the official sales and marketing organization for the city of Indianapolis. More>>

Author | April 23, 2013
Mike May   

For nearly 25 years, Mike May has been a leading spokesman in the sports industry in the U.S. with the Sports & Fitness Industry Association. More>>

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Article | April 17, 2013
An Inside Look at the Sports Bidding for Inclusion in the 2020 Olympics   

On the 7th September in Buenos Aires, the IOC will make important decisions regarding the 2020 Olympic Games. One of those is deciding which sport... More>>

Author | April 17, 2013
Steve Moorhouse   

Steve Moorhouse is the Features Writer and Reporter at iSportconnect, covering news, interviews and special reports in the sports business industry. More>>

Author | February 18, 2013
Janis Ross   

Janis Ross is the executive director for Eugene, Cascades & Coast Sports, the sports commission for Lane County, Oregon. More>>

Author | February 18, 2013
Keith Peters   

From 1984 to 2001, Keith Peters enjoyed a multi-faceted career with Nike. He later worked with a wide variety of nonprofit organizations, helping... More>>

Author | February 18, 2013
Ethan Nelson   

Ethan Nelson has worked for the City of Eugene for four years, advancing sustainability-related programs. More>>

Author | February 18, 2013
Marc I. Leavey, M.D.   

Marc I. Leavey, M.D., is a native of Baltimore, who received his undergraduate degree from the University of Maryland at College Park, and his Doctor... More>>

Author | January 8, 2013
Mark J. Novak   

Mark J. Novak, RLA, a design principal at Activitas Inc. in Dedham, Massachusetts, has nearly 15 years of professional experience as a landscape... More>>

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