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Article | March 16, 2015
Overuse Injuries on the Rise in Youth Sports   

While adults used to be the big clients of sports medicine professionals, the incidence of children showing up with overuse injuries is on the rise.... More>>

Article | March 14, 2015
USA Basketball Announcing New Coaching Safeguards   

While youth basketball coaches are increasingly being screened for criminal backgrounds, methods for determining the quality of the work they will do... More>>

Article | March 9, 2015
Beat Goes On for Promotors of AEDs in Youth Sports   

While coaches and trainers keep track of a lot of equipment in youth sports, many physicians and sports groups are hoping that coaches will add one... More>>

| March 6, 2015
Texas A&M Football Signs Agreement with I1 Biometrics   

i1 Biometrics, a leading sports wearable technology company, announced an agreement with the Texas A&M University. More>>

News | February 27, 2015
NFHS Announces Football Rule Changes for 2015   

Effective immediately, the NFHS Football Rules Committee announced it has expanded the provisions of unnecessary roughness. More>>

Article | February 26, 2015
Massachusetts Mandates Background Checks on School Sports Officials   

While coaches of youth sports have long been subject to background checks, other jobs -- and those who apply for them -- have slipped through the... More>>

Article | February 25, 2015
Public Health Officials Dispute NBC’s Report of Health Risks Associated with Synthetic Turf   

Those who are arguing that synthetic turf fields aren’t safe just got a reminder not to believe everything they see on television. A report... More>>

File | February 25, 2015
Connecticut Study on Synthetic Turf   

Research from the Department of Public Health of Connecticut, refuting any link between cancer and artificial fields. More>>

Article | February 25, 2015
Efforts to Reduce Concussions in Youth Football Players Pay Off   

With growing awareness of effects concussions can have later in life, a number of changes have come to kids’ contact sports. More>>

| February 23, 2015
USOC Announces U.S. Center for Safe Sport Advisory Council   

The USOC has announced the formation of an independent advisory council to guide the launch of the United States Center for Safe Sport. More>>

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