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Article | May 6, 2015
Game of Drones: Spying is Coming…to a Ballpark Near You   

The image of the trench-coat-wearing spy lurking in the bleachers and surreptitiously watching the opponent's practice from behind dark glasses has... More>>

Article | May 6, 2015
Soccer-FIFA and UEFA Threaten Greece with Suspension over New Law   

And you thought soccer parents yelling at coaches and officials was a problem. Two oceans away, a government is trying to crack down on unruly fans... More>>

Article | April 21, 2015
Head Games: Helmets Still an Unanswered Question in Women’s Lacrosse   

Impact sensors in football helmets. In mouthguards. On the sidelines. All of it designed to guard against traumatic brain injury and the problems it... More>>

Article | April 21, 2015
California Sports Fields, Golf Courses Feeling the Heat   

When California Governor Jerry Brown ordered officials in early April to impose statewide mandatory water restrictions for the first time in history,... More>>

Article | April 21, 2015
Parents Turning To Courts to Mediate Their Disputes in Youth Sports   

It may be a whole new dimension in the combination of a frustrated super-jock parent and a litigious society. Increasingly, parents who believe their... More>>

| April 20, 2015
Risk Minimization Key Focus of High School Spirit Rules Changes   

The National Federation of State High School Associations revised several rules for the 2015-16 season, to minimize risk to participants. More>>

Article | April 16, 2015
Common Sense: The App Missing from Fitness Wearables   

Fitness technology has given weekend warriors the ability to count calories, measure heart rates, track their run distances and times, and more. It... More>>

Article | April 14, 2015
Some States Determined to Stamp Out Bullying Youth Coaches   

And now for something completely different: legislation to ban coaches who scream at kids. Despite its comical portrayal in movies like “Kicking... More>>

Article | April 7, 2015
Nothing But Net: How Much did Indiana’s Legislature Cost Indiana?   

There are bad decisions and there are bad decisions made worse by their timing. And at the end of the day, it was the combination of both that made... More>>

Article | March 29, 2015
On-Track Safety Issues Still Plague NASCAR   

Recent improvements in motor sports facilities have brought about a more improved level of safety, but they’re not used consistently, say top... More>>

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