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Article | May 25, 2015
Selfie-Crazed Federer Fan Raises Questions About Sports Event Security   

Overzealous fan: 1, Security: 0 An incident in which a fan rushed the court at the French Open in order to take a selfie with an obviously unwilling... More>>

Article | May 22, 2015
No Joke: Parents Really Can Put Kids in a Bubble for Sports   

It used to be something of a joke that parents, seeking to keep their children unhurt, might opt to keep Billy and Suzie (or Liam and Emma, for the... More>>

| May 20, 2015
May 20, 2015   


Article | May 18, 2015
Under the Sea -- uh, Pool: ‘Mermaid Tails’ Spawn Safety Concerns   

For girls who grew up watching "The Little Mermaid," the newest pool trend, a mermaid tail they can wear, seems like a dream come true. some... More>>

Article | May 18, 2015
California Adds BPA to Prop 65 List   

Plastic drinking bottles (commonly used in sports and fitness), canned goods and other items containing the chemical bisphenol-A (BPA) distributed in... More>>

| May 18, 2015
Marathon Safety & Security Best Practices Guide Announced   

The Marathon Safety and Security ‘Best Practices’ Guide will be introduced July 2015 at the National Marathon Symposium. More>>

Article | May 18, 2015
Suit Demanding Medical Personnel at All Soccer Games, Practices Thrown Out   

A soccer mom and her lawsuit have been thrown out of the game – or court – after attempting to press a suit against FIFA, U.S. Soccer and four... More>>

Article | May 18, 2015
Selfie Sticks: Device Non Grata at Sports Destinations   

It’s the device of choice in a social media-obsessed world. But lately, the selfie stick -- that telescoping rod that attaches to a phone and... More>>

| May 6, 2015
May 05, 2015   


Article | May 6, 2015
Orioles’ Empty-Nest Syndrome Provides Eerie Warning to City   

What if you held a baseball game and nobody came? It happened in Baltimore last week, but not because people weren’t interested in attending. The... More>>

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