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May/June 2013
May/June 2013

“Be prepared to overcome obstacles.” It’s probably the best advice I ever got, and it came from a race director who was in favor of advance planning, since as he said, things will always happen on race day, and the more you’ve done in advance, the better off you’ll be. Sadly, this advice came from Boston Marathon director Dave McGillivray, who, I imagine, has had plenty to cope with recently – in ways nobody could have never expected or planned for. But he and his staff have exemplified grace under pressure, and we can all learn from the example they – as well as the city of Boston – have set. In this issue, we’ll cover plenty of ways of planning – setting the stage for senior athletes, and scheduling events for family and friends. We’ll also see how the next generation of industry leaders is preparing themselves with degree programs. Sports covered include soccer, track & field and fishing, and we’ll look at programs for getting kids to ‘tri’ multi-sport as well. The mid-Atlantic area will be our regional focus, and we’ll also get a look at some of the brightest stars in our industry – the people who are bringing events home to their cities and making things happen. And let’s not forget why we do this – there is an excellent case study in the economic power of sports tourism.

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Business Development
Keeping Family Members Busy (and Happy) During Sporting Events

Planning Events for Senior Athletes: An Interview with Marc T. Riker

Destination Spotlight
Conway, Arkansas: The Next Generation of Great Games
Colorado Springs, Colorado: Bringing Your Game to the Sports Mecca
Greenville, South Carolina: The Team of Your Dreams

Executive Insights
Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA): An Interview with Alisha Campbell

Industry Leadership
Today's Industry Leaders: Follow the Stars to Some of the Fastest-Growing Destinations on the Horizon

Multi-Sport Multi-Discipline Review
Fast-Track Your Meet for Success

Calculating the Economic Power of Sports Tourism: A Case Study of Growth Through Sports

Regional Focus
Mid-Atlantic: The ‘Typically American’ Playground

Service Solutions
Educational Programs for a Smoother Career Path: An Interview with Robin Ammon, Ph.D.

Sports Facilities
Soccer: Popular Culture

Sports Landscape
Unforgettable Fishing

Sports Outlook
Getting Kids to "Tri": An Interview with Brian D'Amico, Youth Event and Program Manager for USA Triathlon


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