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November/December 2012
November/December 2012

Often, the things that it takes to put on a successful event are not just the things we see: the athletes, the spectators and the facilities. Sometimes, it goes beyond that. In this issue, we'll examine several things that might be largely invisible -- yet totally essential. The first is the value of a sports event to a community. We can talk about economic impact, but there's more to it than that. There's the civic pride, the morale boost that comes from a successful event and the ancillary benefit of spectators who become volunteers, and volunteers who become athletes.


Another invisible aspect of a successful event? The negotiations with hotels and with facility vendors that can shape your event. Who doesn't want a great place to compete or a great place to stay? But let's look at that in the long-term: what planner doesn't want a great business relationship they can return to, year after year?


And how do you merchandise your event? There's another question you might not think about right away. But successful events are masterpieces of successful merchandizing as well, and this issue will cover that as well.


We'll also look at planning for adventure sports using skate parks and plazas, and sucessfully executing cheer and dance events. There's also an in-depth look at senior games, as well as facilities in the Midwest and some great destinations for equestrian events and rodeo.


Plan your next event the best way possible -- by paying attention to the things people will see, and the things they won't. We guarantee it'll be your best effort yet.

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