Article | April 19, 2017
When a Woman Signs a Football Letter of Intent, What Does it Mean for Other Gridiron Events?   

Note to trailblazers ready to push the envelope: Someone has already licked the stamp. When Becca Longo of Basha High School in Arizona became... More>>

Article | April 5, 2017
Tax Day and Easter Mean Big Returns for Sports Events   

Here come Peter Cottontail AND the tax man… with planners of sports events not far behind, ready to make money on novelty tie-ins. With April 15... More>>

Article | April 5, 2017
March Madness: Broken Brackets and Broken Bank Accounts   

Your bracket is busted and you’re out a few dollars in the betting pool. Just be glad you’re not the families of some of those athletes, who... More>>

News | March 31, 2017
Sign of the Times: First-Ever Spanish Language Announcing in March Madness   

Westwood One and the NCAA will broadcast the 2017 NCAA Men’s Final Four in Spanish, the Championship’s first-ever Spanish broadcast. More>>

| March 27, 2017
Intel Tips Off NCAA® March Madness® with Multiyear Exclusive Partnership   

Intel, Turner Sports, CBS Sports and the NCAA announce multiyear corporate partnership to provide Intel True VR to March Madness. More>>

Article | March 22, 2017
ACC Will Need to Look for Alternate Conference Tournament Destinations Soon   

While it appears North Carolina’s House Bill 2 is going nowhere (at least for now), Atlantic Coast Conference officials are now at the point where... More>>

Article | March 20, 2017
Head for the Mountains   

Purple mountain majesties, big skies and visitor-friendly venues make the mountain region of the U.S. a natural for sports events. Event owners... More>>

News | March 16, 2017
Wenatchee Valley, Washington, Releaes Calendar of Sports Events   

Wenatchee Valley, Washington, has released a calendar of events. Among the highlights are late winter fun, lacrosse, basketball and more. More>>

Article | March 8, 2017
By the Numbers: The Math of March Madness   

Ah, March. The only time when painting your face in school colors, wearing a mascot hat to work and screaming your lungs out at a TV is perfectly... More>>

News | March 3, 2017
NWAC Basketball Championships Coming to Everett Community College   

March has arrived and “The Heat Is On” for the Northwest Athletic Conference men and women basketball teams in Snohomish County. More>>

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