2017 Champions of Economic Impact in Sports Tourism Awards
Article | September 1, 2017
LAST CALL FOR NOMINATIONS: Champions of Economic Impact in Sports Tourism Awards   

It's time for Sports Destination Management to recognize sports tourism leaders. Help salute events that make sports tourism grow. Our deadline is... More>>

Article | August 23, 2017
Will Courts Cry 'Foul' on Parents Suing Coaches for Playtime?   

The news has been more than busy in the past two weeks, so maybe youth sports news has gotten overlooked. Or maybe we’re just numb to the concept... More>>

Article | July 21, 2017
Engaging Volunteers: Lessons from Real Life   

No matter whether they’re presented in a major stadium or in a school gymnasium, sports are engaging and fun. They get crowds excited, build pride... More>>

Article | June 28, 2017
What Sports Travel Planners Need to Know About Florida's Latest Health Threat: Legionnaire's Disease   

With its travel advisory on Zika recently lifted by the CDC, (although precautions remain in certain areas), Florida now confronts its next health... More>>

Article | November 17, 2016
Mobile Apps in Sports Event Planning   

It seems like every pro team and huge sports event has its own mobile app these days. The question becomes whether you should offer one as well. An... More>>

Article | November 2, 2016
Could Nationwide Decline in Sports Officials Affect Tournaments?   

Google “referee shortage,” and you’ll come up with page after page of news articles written this fall about communities all over the country... More>>

Article | October 11, 2016
BAA Refuses Entry to Santa Rosa Marathoners Accidentally Led off Course   

The Santa Rosa Marathon just experienced a sports event planner’s nightmare. And although thankfully, nobody was physically harmed, it’s arguable... More>>

Article | September 26, 2016
Negotiating The Win-Win: 7 Keys For Rights Holders   

Securing venues and negotiating win-win agreements is a skillset that separates the most successful rights holders from others. Here is a road map... More>>

Article | August 24, 2016
Historic Use of Instant Replay Takes Place at U.S. Soccer Game   

In a sign that soccer might not only be gaining a stronger foothold in the United States but also advancing the game beyond traditional rules, the... More>>

Article | August 10, 2016
Streamlining Sports Travel: A Rundown of Apps, Sites and Platforms   

Let’s be honest: multi-tasking is a myth. Event owners and rights holders for sports events are squeezed more tightly these days than ever before,... More>>

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