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Article | November 6, 2015
2015 Champions of Economic Impact in Sports Tourism   

In this issue, we introduce our awards program, Champions of Economic Impact in Sports Tourism, with examples of quantifiable success stories... More>>

Article | November 4, 2015
IUPUC Researchers Debut New Tool for Evaluating Economic Impact   

Indiana University—Purdue University Columbus recently debuted a new tool to use when calculating the economic impact of sports events. The new... More>>

Article | October 7, 2015
IL Budget Standoff Puts Rockford Sports Complex Development on Hold   

The best-laid plans – even in sports tourism – sometimes fall short. Case in point: the City of Rockford, Illinois, and its plans for new Indoor... More>>

Article | October 2, 2015
Neither Rain nor Wind nor…Oh, Forget It   

It’s the call nobody wants to make but this weekend, as Hurricane Joaquin roars into town, sports event organizers on the East Coast are trying to... More>>

Article | September 9, 2015
Detroit Nurtures a Home-Grown Hybrid Sport: Fowling   

Want a new hybrid sport? Here it is: fowling (FOH-ling), a combination of football and bowling invented and played in Ferndale, Michigan. More>>

Article | August 26, 2015
What You Need for Your Next Event: New Places, New Faces   

Going new places and learning new things – isn’t that on everyone’s bucket list? How about if Sports Destination Management gives you a hand in... More>>

Article | August 12, 2015
PGA Championship: One Course, Years of Planning, Millions in Impact   

Sports planning professionals already know great events don’t come together in a finger-snap. And while they may covet the exposure, the clout –... More>>

Article | August 10, 2015
Michigan International Speedway Invests in Safety for Weekend Race   

Drive fast. Turn left. And be grateful for that new safety wall. Michigan International Speedway announced it will be extending the exiting wall in... More>>

Article | July 8, 2015
Budget Cuts Threatening Chicago CVB, Including Sports Commission   

Following weeks of frenetic negotiations and calls to action – and a substantial amount of press – one of the nation’s largest convention and... More>>

Article | June 17, 2015
2026 World Cup Decision-Making Put on Hold   

The winner of the 2026 FIFA World Cup site selection process wasn’t expected to be announced until 2017. Now, it might take even longer – not... More>>

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