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Article | August 23, 2017
High Schools to Other Organizations: Hands Off Friday Nights   

Calling all college sports and pro teams. High school football has a message for you: Hands off Friday nights. And travel teams should be ready for... More>>

Article | August 23, 2017
Inside Events: The Supergirl Gamer Pro eSports Tournament   

eSports is becoming an influential player in the sports event industry. But while there’s a nearly 50/50 split among male and female players,... More>>

Article | August 9, 2017
U.S., Canada and Mexico Kick Off Campaign to Secure 2026 World Cup   

Maybe in all the back-and-forth over the 2024 (and 2028) Olympics, you forgot about this one: the 2026 World Cup. But the U.S., Canada and Mexico's... More>>

Article | August 9, 2017
Name Change for Synchronized Swimming Bellyflops   

The announcement that synchronized swimming would be rebranded ‘artistic swimming’ was received in synchro circles with as much appreciation as a... More>>

Article | August 9, 2017
Sports Organizers Promoting the Daylights Out of Solar Eclipse   

The solar eclipse is less than 10 days away, and sports event organizers are in overdrive, offering promotional tie-ins. Here’s an update on the... More>>

Article | August 9, 2017
It's Undebatable. Football Causes CTE. Now What?   

Of all the headlines, The New York Times had the most succinct: "111 NFL Brains. All But One Had CTE." The story broke in late July, confirming what... More>>

Article | August 9, 2017
Camping Continues to Gain Favor as a Lodging Alternative for Sports Travel   

As youth sports participation continues to grow, so do lodging costs. Camping is fast becoming a solution, though parents and kids aren’t ready to... More>>

Article | July 26, 2017
“Shut up!”, Says SC Youth Soccer Association to Parents   

Directors of youth sports events might want to keep an eye (and ear) on what happens in South Carolina over the next few months. The South Carolina... More>>

Article | July 26, 2017
New Equipment Rules to Prevent Cardiac Concussions   

When we last checked in, the sports event world was just learning about cardiac concussion, a potentially fatal injury for youth athletes. It... More>>

Article | July 26, 2017
Can a New International Executive Put Lacrosse Back in the Olympics?   

It wouldn’t be the first time a sport made it into the Olympics after more than a century’s absence. Lacrosse, the fastest-growing team sport in... More>>

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