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Article | April 19, 2017
No Boston Olympics Campaigners to Publish Book on How They Torpedoed City's 2024 Bid   

Talk about hitting the sports marketplace like the Mother of All Bombs. The book by #NoBostonOlympics, showing how and why the group torpedoed the... More>>

Article | April 19, 2017
Mixed Gender Teams? International Federations Propose Changes for 2020 in Tokyo   

Want a glimpse of the future? Look to Tokyo’s 2020 Olympics where a few new events proposed for the Games may be instrumental in changing the... More>>

Article | April 19, 2017
Multi-Sport Games Struggle for Survival: How Much Will the Market Bear?   

Four multi-sport games, four different organizations and one common goal: survival. The World Mind Sports Games, World Combat Games, World Urban... More>>

Article | April 5, 2017
IOC Warns Pyeongchang 2018 to Move Forward or Risk Harming Image of Games   

It wouldn’t be a countdown to the Olympics without political drama, and without the host city declaring all was well regardless. Case in point:... More>>

Article | April 5, 2017
While Some Sports Edge Toward Olympic Limelight, Others Struggle in Obscurity   

Even with cheerleading gaining provisional IOC recognition and pole dancing lobbying for it too, some sports still struggle to step onto the... More>>

Article | March 22, 2017
Out or Safe? MLB Athletes May Not Be in the Olympics   

Who’s on first in Tokyo? It may not be anyone from Major League Baseball. The 2020 summer Olympics are edging closer, but MLB Commissioner Rob... More>>

Article | March 20, 2017
U.S. Adventure Racing Association   

U.S. Adventure Racing Association (USARA) oversees all aspects of the sport of adventure racing in this country. Adventure racing, which is a team... More>>

Article | March 20, 2017
Head for the Mountains   

Purple mountain majesties, big skies and visitor-friendly venues make the mountain region of the U.S. a natural for sports events. Event owners... More>>

Article | March 19, 2017
Planning a Sports Event?   

With the vanguard of the Baby Boomers now past 70, this generation, weaned on jogging and then moving through yoga, Pilates and Zumba, continues to... More>>

Article | March 8, 2017
Budapest’s Axed Olympics Bid Opens Door for Both Paris and L.A.   

And then there were two. In late February, Budapest withdrew its bid for the 2024 Summer Olympic Games, leaving only Paris and Los Angeles vying to... More>>

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