Multi Sport Games Articles

Article | February 8, 2017
Bid Cities Racing to Clean Up Their Acts in Time for IOC Decision   

Following concerns about Rio’s open-water venues, candidate cities for 2024 are working to clean up their waterways. Some of the bait being dangled... More>>

Article | February 8, 2017
Calgary Explores Another Olympic Bid   

If everything old is new again, then Calgary is brand-spankin’-new. Canadian politicians remain “really interested” in a bid for the 2026... More>>

Article | February 8, 2017
Fan Festivals See High Demand from Corporate Sponsors   

Sports festivals used to be an adjunct to competitions. Now, they seem to be the main attraction. No matter which sport, these events draw families,... More>>

Article | January 30, 2017
Wheels in Motion   

Start with two sports that began as countercultural movements (BMX and skateboarding) and add Olympic status. What you get is an evolution of... More>>

Article | January 30, 2017
Total Access   

When we talk about putting on events for athletes with disabilities (or even working with an existing event to add special divisions for those... More>>

Article | January 25, 2017
Inside Events: The Warrior Dash   

The Warrior Dash, with 10,000-plus participants per event in each of its 25 locations, is regarded as one of the top obstacle races in the country.... More>>

Article | January 25, 2017
Los Angeles: We Won’t Bid on 2028 Games if We’re Not Awarded 2024   

Call it a warning shot, an ultimatum or maybe just a reaction to the stress of an Olympic bid. But Los Angeles and the USOC have warned that they... More>>

Article | January 25, 2017
Pole Sports Taking Another Spin at IOC Inclusion   

When cheerleading first lobbied for IOC inclusion, people laughed it off. The cheerleaders had the last laugh, however, with cheer being granted... More>>

Article | January 25, 2017
A Dance-Off Over Who Should Govern a New Youth Olympic Discipline   

For each sport that has celebrated Olympic inclusion, there is one in which the world has been exposed to its less attractive side, with backbiting... More>>

Article | January 11, 2017
Inside Events: USA Volleyball - Sitting Volleyball   

Volleyball is something many Americans are familiar with, but this Paralympic version (the USA women's team brought home the gold medal in Rio) takes... More>>

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