Multi Sport Games Articles

Article | June 28, 2017
eSports Now Hosting Regional Qualifiers, Giving More Destinations an Opportunity to Serve this New Market   

The emerging industry of eSports just continues to grow. The announcement of their inclusion in the Asian Games (leading to much speculation about... More>>

Article | June 14, 2017
Inside Events: The Donate Life Transplant Games of America   

A multi-sport event with a philanthropic focus, the Donate Life Transplant Games are open to individuals who have undergone life-saving transplant... More>>

Article | June 14, 2017
Gymnastics Gives OK to Obstacle Course Discipline: What Event Planners Need to Know   

There’s a new gymnastics discipline in town. It’s based on obstacle racing, and event owners will need to be aware of it. The good news, though,... More>>

Article | May 31, 2017
United States Lifesaving Association's National Lifeguard Championships   

The profile of the lifeguard job gets a big boost this summer, thanks to the Baywatch action/comedy movie. In reality, lifeguarding demands... More>>

Article | May 31, 2017
Competitive Logging: The Sport Planners Never Saw… Until Now   

The last time we checked on the log-sports crowd, Dinty Moore Beef Stew was attempting to turn a few average Joes into lumberjacks. Actually, they... More>>

Article | May 31, 2017
IOC Official: L.A. and Paris Both Fit to Host 2024 Summer Olympics   

And now there are two: Paris and Los Angeles, both vying to host the 2024 Summer Games. The IOC’s recent conclusion: it’s not going to be an easy... More>>

Article | May 31, 2017
Staying Golden: The 2017 National Senior Games by the Numbers   

The National Senior Games move into Birmingham, Alabama, this weekend. In fact, the event is celebrating its 30th anniversary. And while that’s a... More>>

Article | May 30, 2017
Trends in Multisport: Insights from USA Triathlon   

No question about it: triathlon and duathlon are growing. From bucket-list items for weekend warriors to elite international competitions, multisport... More>>

Article | May 30, 2017
Sites and Considerations for Senior Games   

By the time you read this, the 2017 Senior Games Presented by Humana, in Birmingham, Alabama, will be only a few weeks away. We’re expecting... More>>

Article | May 17, 2017
Inside Events: Veterans Adaptive Sports   

Teaching veterans with disabilities how to get around in a wheelchair or use prosthetic limbs is one thing. Teaching them how to live again is... More>>

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