Multi Sport Games Articles

Article | July 26, 2017
The New Adult Travel Sports Market: Post-Divorce, Newly Single and Ready to Spend   

Youth sports will always have a special place in travel. But one of the best-kept-secret markets the hospitality business also caters to is... More>>

Article | July 26, 2017
Can a New International Executive Put Lacrosse Back in the Olympics?   

It wouldn’t be the first time a sport made it into the Olympics after more than a century’s absence. Lacrosse, the fastest-growing team sport in... More>>

Article | July 26, 2017
Could a Cheaper Olympic Bidding Process Lure New Interest?   

There are many theories on why cities are making an unprecedented exodus from bidding on the Olympics, but they all go back to money. And the IOC, it... More>>

Article | July 26, 2017
Inside Events: The Can-Am Police-Fire Games   

An annual multi-sport event whose registration includes not only the fire and police professions, but emergency medical service providers, Homeland... More>>

Article | July 24, 2017
Warm Southeastern Hospitality   

The Southeast, known for its hospitality, offers a winning combining of world-class multi-sport and unique venues, family- and budget-friendly... More>>

Article | July 23, 2017
And They’re Off!   

In June, almost 2,500 elite and age-group competitors from nearly every state and 12+ countries raced in the inaugural IRONMAN 70.3 Wisconsin. The... More>>

Article | July 21, 2017
Engaging Volunteers: Lessons from Real Life   

No matter whether they’re presented in a major stadium or in a school gymnasium, sports are engaging and fun. They get crowds excited, build pride... More>>

Article | July 21, 2017
Competitive Cheer & Dance: Where We Are, Where We're Going   

The world of competitive cheer and dance continues to evolve. It used to be the sport was confined to the sidelines, where a pep squad jumped up and... More>>

Article | July 12, 2017
Some Shooting Sports on the Outs Internationally: What Event Owners Need to Know   

The Olympic Games have evolved and with them, the sports presented. Some aspects of sports were eliminated (compulsory figures in ice skating) and... More>>

Article | July 12, 2017
A History Lesson: Why Denver Snubbed the 1976 Olympics   

Cities used to rush the Olympic bargaining table. Today, they don’t. But the roots of refusal actually stretch back nearly 50 years, to the time... More>>

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