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Article | August 23, 2017
LGBT Powerlifting Seeks to Increase Global Presence   

The inaugural LGBT International Powerlifting Championships might have been held in London, but they are a sign of the increasing presence of LBGT... More>>

Article | August 23, 2017
Parkour Rejects Gymnastics Classification and Battles for Autonomy   

Recently, parkour (the urban discipline closest to obstacle racing) was added as a gymnastics discipline, and parkour wasn’t happy about it.... More>>

Article | August 23, 2017
IOC to Examine eSports as a Medal Event in 2024   

With the 2024 Olympics almost certainly taking place against the backdrop of the Eiffel Tower, France wants to create the most innovative Games ever.... More>>

Article | August 23, 2017
Inside Events: The Supergirl Gamer Pro eSports Tournament   

eSports is becoming an influential player in the sports event industry. But while there’s a nearly 50/50 split among male and female players,... More>>

Article | August 9, 2017
Inside Events: The International Mind Sports Association   

This is not your high school chess club. With six international federations representing mind sports including Bridge, Go, Mahjong, Draughts, Xiangqi... More>>

Article | August 9, 2017
Name Change for Synchronized Swimming Bellyflops   

The announcement that synchronized swimming would be rebranded ‘artistic swimming’ was received in synchro circles with as much appreciation as a... More>>

Article | August 9, 2017
Sports Organizers Promoting the Daylights Out of Solar Eclipse   

The solar eclipse is less than 10 days away, and sports event organizers are in overdrive, offering promotional tie-ins. Here’s an update on the... More>>

Article | July 26, 2017
Surge in High School Shooting Sports Sparks Gun Education Bill   

Legislators in Wisconsin introduced a bill that would allow high schools to teach gun safety to students because of the increasing interest in... More>>

Article | July 26, 2017
The New Adult Travel Sports Market: Post-Divorce, Newly Single and Ready to Spend   

Youth sports will always have a special place in travel. But one of the best-kept-secret markets the hospitality business also caters to is... More>>

Article | July 26, 2017
Latest Trend: The Rise of Naked Sports   

Theme races. Paint races. Races where people are chased by makeshift bulls. Sports event organizers are getting really creative these days in order... More>>

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