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2015 Issues
November/December 2015 November/December 2015

This issue of Sports Destination Management has all the trends keeping sports current. Learn about the forces shaping volleyball, tennis, equestrian events and strength and fitness competitions. There’s also a great profile of US Soccer and on the Midwest. You’ll learn about event merchandising, hotel negotiations and using apps in event management, as well as hints on keeping an event fresh, year after year. Plus coverage of our first ever awards program, Champions of Economic Impact in Sports Tourism. We’re honoring the events and partners that make our industry great and you won’t want to miss a word of it.
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September/October 2015 September/October 2015

The calendar is turning, and sports are moving along. It’s time to start planning softball tournaments, so don’t miss this roundup of some of the best diamonds in the country. The Summer Olympics in Rio will bring extra attention to water sports and to gymnastics – something else covered in these pages. You can learn about negotiating with venues, working with sports commissions and CVBs, event security and the newest trends in team travel. There are great articles on facilities in the Southwest and Pacific, and on facilities across the U.S. A new season of sports is here. Turn the page and get a sneak peek.
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July/August 2015 July/August 2015

The best things in life really are free, and you’ll find them in this issue of Sports Destination Management. Not only does our Perspectives article detail the best ways to recruit and work with volunteers, but all the industry experts who shared their knowledge with us did so voluntarily. Don’t miss the articles on stay-to-play, working with sports commissions, legal issues, cheer & dance and the USGA. We also delve into what makes a successful event in running and road sports, combative sports and lacrosse, and we examine the Southeast as a destination. Your summer learning starts here. Turn the page to get a jump-start.
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May/June 2015 May/June 2015

The old adage in real estate is location, location, location. In this issue, we talk about locations for soccer, fishing and track & field. There’s also information on maximizing economic impact, giving athletes the star treatment, tapping into the senior athlete market, organizing multisport events – and even educational programs designed to turn out more knowledgeable professionals. You’ll also learn about specific locations – such as the Mid-Atlantic area – and about some of the most promising personnel to help you put on your best event ever. It’s a great issue and you won’t want to miss a word.
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March/April 2015 March/April 2015

Your business is the business of sports – all that goes on behind the scenes to make the athletes look good and the spectators feel proud. This issue of Sports Destination Management includes some of the best information in the business, written by the best professionals in the business. Learn about insurance, stay-to-play, lodging and medical planning, as well as updates about the AAU and US Quidditch. You can also learn about the best facilities – and the best tips – for hosting can’t-miss golf, baseball and aquatics events, as well as some great venues if you’re planning a sports event in the mountain states. Click here to start your learning experience now.
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January/February 2015 January/February 2015

Make a resolution to start 2015 the right way. The January/February issue of Sports Destination Management has the tools you’ll need to create a better bid package, promote your event through targeted social media strategies and even learn about live-streaming events. We’re covering the basketball facilities you just might be seeing this March, but this issue also brings you the chance to learn about the trends shaping winter events, the facilities of the Northeast and how BMX and skateboard events are gearing up for warm weather. We also have a special section highlighting up-and-coming destinations for sports. Get started by clicking now!
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