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November/December 2010 November/December 2010

With most organizations, the end of the year brings a brief time to reflect and review where the organization has been, and more importantly, where it's going. This is a great opportunity to evaluate what worked, what didn't, and how to do it better next year. In this issue of Sports Destination Management, we take that same approach and offer excellent insight into improving your events while looking at what works, the pitfalls to avoid, and how to stay on top.
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September/October 2010 September/October 2010

Recently, I read an interesting article talking about the demise of softball at the international level due to its removal from the Olympics. Even in the U.S., funding for these top-level athletes has dwindled as the USOC no longer has the level of resources to dedicate to this sport. I find all this news a bit ironic, as softball participation in the U.S. is at an all-time high. Events surrounding this sport generate generous revenues to the rights-holders and the locations that host them. And yet, at the highest level, we cannot find the resources to keep these athletes in the sport.
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July/August 2010 July/August 2010

Sometimes we don't see things that are right in front of us. Sometimes the most obvious is overlooked because we see it all the time. And the answer that we seek has been there all along. In this issue we focus on those things that we all know, but oftentimes fail to recognize.
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May/June 2010 May/June 2010

Recently, a friend of mine made his first hole-in-one at a local golf course. Within minutes I received a tweet of the occurrence, followed immediately by an e-mail containing a photo of him holding the ball. A few hours later I received a Facebook notification with another proclamation of this accomplishment. And this was on a random Sunday morning. Imagine what the coverage would have been had he made that hole-in-one at a special event with cruises and cash on the line?
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March/April 2010 March/April 2010

Whether it is a national competition or local event, every participant and attendee has an investment. While winning is usually the goal, everyone needs to leave the event with that sense of purpose and camaraderie that we glean from time together. That is one of the unique aspects of sport - at all levels.
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January/February 2010 January/February 2010

Around here, the New Year brings forth a certain optimism where we all set out our objectives and slowly begin the process of perusing them. While these goals may vary in substance and importance, be they professional or personal, they all share one common trait - a timeline. Included in this annual rite of passage is the planning that goes into accomplishing those goals, specific with action plans.
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