Article | June 28, 2017
CBS This Morning Interviews SDM Editor about the Economic Impact of Sports Tourism   

SDM’s readers already know the benefits a successful sports event can have on the host community’s economy. This month, however, the nation got... More>>

Article | June 28, 2017
3-on-3 Basketball Named Official Olympic Sport   

In addition to hosting five new sports, Tokyo 2020 is gaining a reputation for variations on existing sports. Among those are new divisions and... More>>

Article | June 28, 2017
Tug-of-War over 2024 Olympics Appears to be Pulling in Paris’ Favor   

Two cities, two continents, one agenda. The awarding of the 2024 Olympic Games is getting closer each day, and with it comes the previously... More>>

Article | June 28, 2017
What Sports Travel Planners Need to Know About Florida's Latest Health Threat: Legionnaire's Disease   

With its travel advisory on Zika recently lifted by the CDC, (although precautions remain in certain areas), Florida now confronts its next health... More>>

Article | June 28, 2017
USA Football Breaks Huddle with Rookie Tackle Program: What Planners Should Know   

With participation sagging and fears of concussion and long-term injury to children never far from parents’ minds, youth football has been looking... More>>

Article | June 28, 2017
With Formation of World Skate, Skateboarding May Have Set Aside Infighting En Route to the Olympics   

When we last checked in with skateboarding, the newly-minted Olympic sport was in disarray, with infighting over governance, a lawsuit from one... More>>

Article | June 28, 2017
Olympic Channel to Debut, Bringing New Tie-Ins for Amateur Sports   

Channel surfing? Soon, there will be another swell to ride as the Olympic Channel returns to the pay-TV lineup. And it’s something sports planners... More>>

Article | June 28, 2017
The All-American Pastime for Sports Planners: Promoting the Fourth and Profiting from It   

Three cheers for the red, white and blue; they certainly can do a lot to keep sports events in the black. The Fourth of July is fast approaching and... More>>

Article | June 28, 2017
eSports Now Hosting Regional Qualifiers, Giving More Destinations an Opportunity to Serve this New Market   

The emerging industry of eSports just continues to grow. The announcement of their inclusion in the Asian Games (leading to much speculation about... More>>

Article | June 28, 2017
Special Report on Cuba Travel Reversal: What it Means to the Business of Sports   

Call it the Cuban Travel Crisis. The president’s recent policy changes shook the tourism industry with the force of a 7.0-Richter-Scale earthquake.... More>>

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