Article | August 9, 2017
By the Numbers: High School Sports Skyrocketing in Popularity   

Travel teams may be bringing in the big money, but high school sports have some big numbers of their own. The 2016-2017 school year bears that out,... More>>

Article | August 9, 2017
Inside Events: The International Mind Sports Association   

This is not your high school chess club. With six international federations representing mind sports including Bridge, Go, Mahjong, Draughts, Xiangqi... More>>

Article | August 9, 2017
U.S., Canada and Mexico Kick Off Campaign to Secure 2026 World Cup   

Maybe in all the back-and-forth over the 2024 (and 2028) Olympics, you forgot about this one: the 2026 World Cup. But the U.S., Canada and Mexico's... More>>

Article | August 9, 2017
NCAA Tells Officials to Shorten All In-Game Delays   

Keep it short. That’s the message NCAA is giving its officials when it comes to games. That means we can expect to see 20-minute football halftimes... More>>

Article | August 9, 2017
Hiring Gen Z: What Event Owners Need to Know Now   

Waiting tables. Lifeguarding. Babysitting. Teen jobs used to come in predictable shapes and sizes. These days, they’re likely to take a very... More>>

Article | August 9, 2017
Name Change for Synchronized Swimming Bellyflops   

The announcement that synchronized swimming would be rebranded ‘artistic swimming’ was received in synchro circles with as much appreciation as a... More>>

Article | August 9, 2017
Youth Sports End of Season Celebrations: Entertainment Mainstay Presents Increasing Liability   

We’re in the season of late-summer parties to close out youth swim teams, sports camps, rec programs, softball, baseball and more, just before the... More>>

Article | August 9, 2017
Sports Organizers Promoting the Daylights Out of Solar Eclipse   

The solar eclipse is less than 10 days away, and sports event organizers are in overdrive, offering promotional tie-ins. Here’s an update on the... More>>

Article | August 9, 2017
It's Undebatable. Football Causes CTE. Now What?   

Of all the headlines, The New York Times had the most succinct: "111 NFL Brains. All But One Had CTE." The story broke in late July, confirming what... More>>

Article | August 9, 2017
Camping Continues to Gain Favor as a Lodging Alternative for Sports Travel   

As youth sports participation continues to grow, so do lodging costs. Camping is fast becoming a solution, though parents and kids aren’t ready to... More>>

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